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Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 02: Snake And Plane (Flat Loli)

Okay, I gotta make this quick and try to catch up “reviewing” all the 10 episodes since the last one will be released in less than a week now.

It was quoted that the best pro-wrestler in the world is one that brings nothing but a broom into the ring, announces that the broom will be his opponent and somehow manage to pull out a 5 star match. Well, to make it simple, that’s exactly what I think of Toshino Kyouko. The first part of this episode featured a normal scene of a lazy schoolgirl rushing (not really in Kyouko’s case) through her homework during recess period that she eventually had to result in pestering her friend to lend her book for her to copy.

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Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 01: The Most Interesting Lesbo In The World

In a cliché way, if you happened to be lost and alone in a desert, you’ll stumble an old looking lamp half or quarterly buried under the sand, regardless how illogical it can be for being there so long yet still manage to barely stay away from being buried as deep as a dinosaur fossil. Generically, a stereotypical beer bellied, quarterly bald genie will pop out as soon as you accidentally rubbed the lamp with your T-shirt who’ll then give you the option to make a wish… but what if the only wish you can make is to resurrect someone who’s dead? If you ask me, most likely I’d ask him to bring back good Ol’ Freddie Mercury from his grave. Then I’d start to think that since everyone with good taste in music loves him, I could say that someone else who gets to meet this genie afterwards will ask for the same thing too so I’d end up wasting mine when I can just ask for the resurrection of someone who didn’t get that much love when they were alive. Then, certainly, I’d just ask the genie to revive Sakuragi Yukari back so she can get back all the screentime she deserves at the same time shove the Finger towards the Grim Reaper and all those gore hound bastards who cheered during her death scene and call her dumb for following the cue of a sick minded director from Studio PB.

As generic as it sounds, stumbling upon a wish-making genie is certainly impossible. But hey, Yuru Yuri is back and that’s enough to resurrect my spirit to blog random stuff in this site! That said, here’s my thoughts and so-called review on the first episode of Yuru Yuri ♪♪~

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