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Inappropriate 11Eyes Christmas Gallery

Despite the TV series is on the verge (yea, I know the last episode was this Tuesday) of the moment where everyone died (except for that Biatch); the girls of 11Eyes will still never cease to cheer up your lonely Christmas night with SOME inappropriate but awesome and delicious images of them celebrating this festive season.

Note:Don’t worry, this post is Necrophilia-free.

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Railgun Ep10 vs 11Eyes Ep10

I’m still in huge despair, depressed and pissed off over what happened in ep10 of 11Eyes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I turned to and watched Railgun episode 09 and 10… Turns out there are some similarities both of these shows share…. which can only be detected by someone who’s too obsessed and been zealously worshiping Yukiko..

….or to be exact, I was just feeling too bored and stressed out from continuous college assignments that I feel like posting some randomness…
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11Eyes 10: GIVE ME BACK MY YU-KURI!!!!

Gawd fucking damn of course, I WAS happy that 11Eyes has turned and greatly developed from our generic schoolkids vs demons series to something deep and emotional (Quiet NGE fanboys, your nostalgic preachings aren’t welcomed here.)

BUT seriously, this has completely turned into MyHime; give us a group of cute girls that can kick asses and go badass (when I said badass, of course Selfish Bitch is excluded), add Moe moments to make us go “NGHHHHHH”, make us love them, add a twist where they need to face each other, have one of them turning into a total dick against them, spam as much tragedy right in the finale ie; kill each and every characters and leave at least leave 2-3 for the final episode..

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11Eyes 09: The Motto Didn’t Last That Long..

Darn, watched 11Eyes last week but I eventually only managed to blog it today. F- You, Truck!

Shiori orders you to give her a hug.

Tragically shocked and broken after seeing (one of) his most important person, Takahisa burst out to Burning Tajima-mode, went berserk and chased Superbia around the city to avenge Saeko..

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11Eyes 08: Goodbye Pantyshots and Happiness, Hello Psycho Biatch and Seriousness

As expected after watching the previous amazing episode, episode 8 simply made my jaw dropped for countless times and put me in awe.

Well, obviously this post contained a lot of (quite) major spoilers so I recommend that if you haven’t watched this episode, stay away from keep on reading this since the ending was pretty much surprising, especially to people who believe this is show is just your generic “Schoolkids vs Demons” anime..

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11Eyes 06: Kakeru gets a Paizuri (or a BJ) and a pair of black trousers from Misuzu.

Class assignments and internet breakdown caused me to unable to work on my blog again. Whatever, here comes 11Eyes episode 06 review..

After the battle with Ira in the last episode, Kakeru felt and suffered a strong, sharp pain all over his body. Misuzu diagnosed (lol) that he had destroyed a huge number of neurons and cells in his body as a result of using his power for the first time without proper control. She then bought him as well as the other girls except P@nis Burner Tajima home to hold a healing ritual since regular hospitals and medication would do nothing. I’m a little confused here; whose house was that actually? I thought Misuzu lives in a traditional Japanese style house..

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11Eyes 05: Silence is Moe.

Finally able to find some time (from keep on loitering around Sancon and nap) to watch 11Eyes episode 5..


Right after the OP movie ended and directly, Kakeru started to utter the same “I’m protect you, Yuka.” line while self-practicing kendo (without Kirino’s proper supervision) >_> Seriously, dude.. You’re going to make people bored of that just like Train’s “This is the way of the Sweepers.” in the last few episodes of Black Cat.. Oh well.., right after that Kaori ran into Kakeru (showing a small part of her shimapan), telling him that Yuka fainted in the classroom. Kakeru rushed to the nurse office and Saiko-sensei (so that’s her name..) informed him that she was just having anemia due to lack of sleep. Hmm, I always have a lack of sleep, does falling asleep in the class and during bus rides equivalent to Yuka passing out? Saiko-sensei said that they both really get well along as a couple. Just when they both started to pull out a lovey-dovey moment again, P@nis Burner Takahisa came out from the other bed’s curtain, said that he’s sick of seeing them being together and went off the room.

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