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Girls Und Panzer 02: This Isn’t The Yukari I’m Looking For

Man, it’s hard to keep in track with recent anime being a typical working adult, I don’t even celebrate Halloween let along go trick or treat yet I found myself watching only ONEepisode of anime (make it either an old or recent one) last month. Okay, I have to admit, most of my free time I had when I’m out from working were spent watching Linkara’s A Top of Fourth Wall… and I’m not even a fan of Western superhero comics. Speaking of Linkara, let’s get into the 2nd episode of Girls Und Panzer…… Wait, that reference doesn’t make sense.

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Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 02: Snake And Plane (Flat Loli)

Okay, I gotta make this quick and try to catch up “reviewing” all the 10 episodes since the last one will be released in less than a week now.

It was quoted that the best pro-wrestler in the world is one that brings nothing but a broom into the ring, announces that the broom will be his opponent and somehow manage to pull out a 5 star match. Well, to make it simple, that’s exactly what I think of Toshino Kyouko. The first part of this episode featured a normal scene of a lazy schoolgirl rushing (not really in Kyouko’s case) through her homework during recess period that she eventually had to result in pestering her friend to lend her book for her to copy.

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Inappropriate 11Eyes Christmas Gallery

Despite the TV series is on the verge (yea, I know the last episode was this Tuesday) of the moment where everyone died (except for that Biatch); the girls of 11Eyes will still never cease to cheer up your lonely Christmas night with SOME inappropriate but awesome and delicious images of them celebrating this festive season.

Note:Don’t worry, this post is Necrophilia-free.

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Railgun Ep10 vs 11Eyes Ep10

I’m still in huge despair, depressed and pissed off over what happened in ep10 of 11Eyes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I turned to and watched Railgun episode 09 and 10… Turns out there are some similarities both of these shows share…. which can only be detected by someone who’s too obsessed and been zealously worshiping Yukiko..

….or to be exact, I was just feeling too bored and stressed out from continuous college assignments that I feel like posting some randomness…
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11Eyes 10: GIVE ME BACK MY YU-KURI!!!!

Gawd fucking damn of course, I WAS happy that 11Eyes has turned and greatly developed from our generic schoolkids vs demons series to something deep and emotional (Quiet NGE fanboys, your nostalgic preachings aren’t welcomed here.)

BUT seriously, this has completely turned into MyHime; give us a group of cute girls that can kick asses and go badass (when I said badass, of course Selfish Bitch is excluded), add Moe moments to make us go “NGHHHHHH”, make us love them, add a twist where they need to face each other, have one of them turning into a total dick against them, spam as much tragedy right in the finale ie; kill each and every characters and leave at least leave 2-3 for the final episode..

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