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Oh hi, I’m a WordPress Noob.

If you don’t mind allow me to introduce myself, my (common) nickname is Meidoniac. All this time, I’ve always wanted to start a blog to blabber about stuffs regardless they’re interesting or.. extremely not interesting. Initially that kind of idea only happened to struck my mind after I turned into quite an avid lurker/commenter of Sankaku Complex and Mrbadak. Well, of course those two favourite sites of mine are hardly even considered or to be exact, not even blog sites but they sorta have inspired/influenced me to start my own site just to make my life a lot more less meaningful and at least to ease my daily boredom. Speaking of “I’m blogging because i have nothing else to do”, at least to me it’s light years better than going to videos in Youtube just to post “This Is Fake”, spamming lame forced meme in /b/ (nope, i’m hardly a fan nor lurker of 4chan), or randomly downvoting comments due to depression over a videogame.

I’m still not sure what’s my main agenda with this blog but i’m damn sure that i’m not going to talk about Malaysian politics since i’m not really into them (and i might will go to jail for doing so). For now, i think i’m just going to simply use it to talk about anime that i recently watched, Lolis, pro wrestling weekly reviews, manga, some random stuffs, movie reviews, some fail or interesting pics i found in the internet or around me, etc.

As a conclusion.. whatever, thanks for reading this and for visiting my blog.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Posted by on November 8, 2009 in Random