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11Eyes 10: GIVE ME BACK MY YU-KURI!!!!

Gawd fucking damn of course, I WAS happy that 11Eyes has turned and greatly developed from our generic schoolkids vs demons series to something deep and emotional (Quiet NGE fanboys, your nostalgic preachings aren’t welcomed here.)

BUT seriously, this has completely turned into MyHime; give us a group of cute girls that can kick asses and go badass (when I said badass, of course Selfish Bitch is excluded), add Moe moments to make us go “NGHHHHHH”, make us love them, add a twist where they need to face each other, have one of them turning into a total dick against them, spam as much tragedy right in the finale ie; kill each and every characters and leave at least leave 2-3 for the final episode..

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11Eyes 07: Creepy Damn Attention Whore

Class works are piling up again so I’m really going to make this short.

The team split up to find Yuka who went missing in the end of the previous episode. Since Lisette was left alone in the Black Knight base, she tried to broke herself free from the crystal seal with some of her power.

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My Victorique Was Deflowered..

I’ve just recently got my Gosick volume 1 which I ordered from Ebay through some irresponsible seller who’s too lazy to do their job properly.

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