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Railgun teaming up with Megaten?

If you’re a frequent visitor and a “bookmarker” of Pixiv, you’re most likely aware that you get to see a page of a random ad everytime you finished bookmarking an artwork… Few minutes ago, I was lurking around Pixiv and happened to find something interesting..

Am I in this game…. too?

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Posted by on December 27, 2009 in Anime, Videogames


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Cute pussy.. i mean Catty.

I’ve just recently started playing Emil Chronicle lately. The game is sorta hard for me (probably because i rarely play MMORPG) but at least it’s not as absurd and far better in term of quality and gameplay compared to Wonderland Online; which was the second MMORPG that I played and it truly sucked, not to mention the fact those beautiful CGs are too good to be original .. (Credits to Sankaku Complex) I still like Erin and Niss though…

Anyway…, yep, I know this is something old and I’m pretty sure it’s a Nooby act to exaggerate this.. but I’ve  just received/caught my first ECO special pet Catty/Nekomata last night :3

This is the first time I saw a stray cat found inside something that's not a Mikan (orange) box..

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Posted by on November 10, 2009 in Random, Videogames


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