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Real Graviton Froggy Bomb..?

I know I’m supposed to continue blogging other stuffs.. but well, I can’t help but post this just because it’s pretty significant to an episode of Railgun…, and how hilarious it sounded..

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Railgun Ep10 vs 11Eyes Ep10

I’m still in huge despair, depressed and pissed off over what happened in ep10 of 11Eyes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I turned to and watched Railgun episode 09 and 10… Turns out there are some similarities both of these shows share…. which can only be detected by someone who’s too obsessed and been zealously worshiping Yukiko..

….or to be exact, I was just feeling too bored and stressed out from continuous college assignments that I feel like posting some randomness…
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BRB, going to Hobbycon

So.. umm, I’m planning to go to Hobbycon this afternoon since one of my classmates is cosplaying for this event, and also, obviously; I want to take my fugly face out there once in a while, stroll around and buy some artbooks from local artists.., well only if I have enough money,lol. One ironic thing is I, myself don’t even have any idea where that venue exactly is, except for the name of the mall… and (barely) the name of the town/district/whatever. It’s either I’m going to make use of my old lame “Life Is An RPG” motto, or simply just wandering around and eventually end up in Jusenkyo..

So yea, if this blog didn’t get updated with photos from the events in the next 24 hours, most likely I’m either still wandering around Sabah, got ran down by a truck or eventually got lost after following a cat..

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No More Sancon While In College :<

Darn, I was about to update my blog and do my usual Sancon stroll while waiting for my class to start this morning but it turns out that my college wireless eventually blocked the access to Sankaku Complex just because it’s an NSFW site..

Well, it did depress me a lot, but to make things worse; they even blocked image hosting sites such as Imageshack and Photobucket. Now I can’t even manage my images for my blog (most of the other image host sites sucked)… well, only in college, at least…

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Cute pussy.. i mean Catty.

I’ve just recently started playing Emil Chronicle lately. The game is sorta hard for me (probably because i rarely play MMORPG) but at least it’s not as absurd and far better in term of quality and gameplay compared to Wonderland Online; which was the second MMORPG that I played and it truly sucked, not to mention the fact those beautiful CGs are too good to be original .. (Credits to Sankaku Complex) I still like Erin and Niss though…

Anyway…, yep, I know this is something old and I’m pretty sure it’s a Nooby act to exaggerate this.. but I’ve  just received/caught my first ECO special pet Catty/Nekomata last night :3

This is the first time I saw a stray cat found inside something that's not a Mikan (orange) box..

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Posted by on November 10, 2009 in Random, Videogames


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