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Goodbye and Rest In Peace The Samoan Bulldozer

Just checked my Nodq feeds while managing my blog a few minutes ago. I was extremely and speechlessly shocked to find that Eddie Fatu (also known as Umaga and Jamal from Three Minute Warning in WWE), another great wrestler has passed away. Details aren’t still clear but from what I heard he was suffering from a heart attack; he was watching television and fell asleep the night before and his wife found him breathless with blood running from his nose. She then quickly rushed him to the hospital. Some wrestlers like Tara, Lashley, Elijah/Pope, Ken Anderson as well as pro wrestling well known names like Heyman and Finkell have expressed their condolence.

My prayer and deepest condolences to him and his family, friends and fans. ;_;

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TNA 11/06/09

So yea, this is the first weekly TNA brief review post in my blog.

I missed WWE RAW this week and I’m kinda too lazy to download it so pardon me for not blogging it this week (although I probably won’t if it’s just an episode full of DX, Legacy, Cena and Orton shenanigans), not to mention my HDD is already running out of space.

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