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Girls Und Panzer 05: Yukari, Y U No Keep The Camera Rolling!?

If there’s a second major demand I’d like to ask from this show, it definitely would be the explanation on how did Yukari become a Fan-favourite character among the fans. As stated in my entry on the first episode, I just started to get to learn about or get into tanks just a few months ago (which I personally felt like 2 days ago). Even trying to remember and state out the full model name of a tank felt as hard as memorizing the numbers on a chemistry periodical table in just 5 seconds, so I kinda have trouble in adoring Yukari’s dedication on her hobby and love on tanks.

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Girls Und Panzer 04: This Show Deserves 5 As.

And so, it’s scientifically proven that the frequency of me watching Girls Und Panzer per month is nearly as equivalent as the number of times Oryou and Saemonza get to appear on screen and say something. Through clinical analysis, I even come up with a conclusion that I can type and post an entry on this blog as quick as Mako triumphantly marching her way to school. Oh by the way, Anzu is drop dead adorable in this episode.

“Hey, Darjeeling. Did you know that in a certain alternate universe you were once raped by 4 drunk soldiers? Oh, and I was also there being a nun who was also intoxicated for the whole night.”

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