Girls Und Panzer 02: This Isn’t The Yukari I’m Looking For

15 Nov

Man, it’s hard to keep in track with recent anime being a typical working adult, I don’t even celebrate Halloween let along go trick or treat yet I found myself watching only ONEepisode of anime (make it either an old or recent one) last month. Okay, I have to admit, most of my free time I had when I’m out from working were spent watching Linkara’s A Top of Fourth Wall… and I’m not even a fan of Western superhero comics. Speaking of Linkara, let’s get into the 2nd episode of Girls Und Panzer…… Wait, that reference doesn’t make sense.

Oh, the OP video I highly complimented in my last entry is now in full size, obviously~

Doesn’t this shot remind you of a certain other military moe anime..?

Continuing from last week…, I mean last month, it turns out that they’re not going to share (for initial training purpose) that one old tank they uncovered from the hangar instead each team was ordered to hunt down one for their own through out the whole land/ship.

You really look like that “restored” Esse Homo Jesus fresco here, Oryou..

Miho managed to make friends with that Windows Wallpaper girl who somehow hadn’t find her own team yet. She introduced herself as Akiyama Yukari and turns out she is a shy yet quite bipolar geek of tanks who can call out the model names of every tank she sees as well as its history and specifications. Really glad to see that she’s already shined her character for her introduction.

Grow you hair longer, wear a pair of glasses, let your mom marry a guy whose family name is Sakuragi, carry around a white/gray umbrella, be a little more feminine, and you’re probably going to die next year… No, your death won’t have anything to do with tanks.

A few minutes (or hours) of walking through the land, after a misleading search leaded by Slutty Saori who thought that tanks are parked like cars in the parking lot, they found quite small tank abandoned in a jungle. About the same time, the rest of the other teams also found their own hidden in different spots of the ship.

“Hey girls, anyone wanna try putting in some M&M’s into that bamboo hole..?”

To be honest, this moment was presented a little rushed as an introduction of the “weapons” the girls will be using through the series yet I’d excuse that since the episode did pretty well in giving out as much background for each team. Sure we have yet to learn the names and characteristic of every girls (aside Anzu and Miho’s team) but this particular scene alone was quite sufficient to let us know something the other 3 teams;

The athletic ex-volleyball team leaded by Yoshika Miyafuji in spatswho joined Sensha-do in order to rebuild their disbanded club,

The four patriot girls who partially dressed as a lolified Roman General, a cute bespectacled Shinsengumi, a Fuhrer, and a one-eyed Samurai girl with a delicious forehead, who know how to recite haikus and possess some awesome Ninja skills,

And finally, a group of six adorable lolis who actually know nothing about tanks and most of the time fully rely on books they found from the library, Internet messageboards and chatrooms. <3 you, Oono~

They then brought the tanks back to their base (offscreen) and decided who and which team gets to keep and use them. Anzu-kachou picked the smallest one which Miho and her team found (since her team only consist of three people), the main heroine got to keep the old tank in the hangar, while the others kept the ones they found. Man, Anzu-kachou is such a bossy slacking brat..

That’s what she said..

What comes after that? It’s Tank cleaning time! Sadly, bloomers are already outdated in this era so they have to result in cleaning them in their not so alluring PE outfit. Kudos to Yuzuko (whom I now start to think of as Anzu’s servant/b#tch) for being the only one who followed the actual dress code suggested by the Monocle girl Kawashima.

On their way home after cleaning the tank, Yukari asked for permission if they can stop by the Tank Club shop she usually go. Here we saw some foreshadowing of Miho’s sister being interviewed on TV as a successful Sensha-do practitioner that somehow left her to go mopey, AGAIN.

A 3D Wireframe FPS game? Unless that’s a vintage arcade game, what era are you girls living in anyway?

To cheer her up, Saori suggested that they’d like to stopped by her apartment and cook her dinner….. which leaded to a scene of Saori entering God Mode Moe by equipping the world’s best Moe Booster Equipment ever created in history aside cat ears.

“My Moe level is now boosted by 210%!”

I still don’t really get it though, so she wears contact lenses in the day and glasses when she fixes dinner..? Or does it have anything to do with that one myth where you can get your retina literally burned and become blind for wearing contacts during cooking. Screw that. All my praise goes to the producer for keeping her as meganekko for the rest of the night.

Behold, the early sign of zombie apocalypse..

The next morning, Miho encountered a Zombie-esque girl in the same uniform barely walking her way to school. It turned out that it was the soon-to-be-fifth-member-of-the-team Hypersomnia chick. I got to say, all my views on Iguchi Yuka being a voiceactress whose talent mostly only focus on high-pitched bratty loli  are pretty much subdued listening to how different Mako sounds in comparison to the likes of Index and Maria from Haganai. Ah well, she’s currently doing great as Mea in ToLoveRu Darkness now so that’s not really surprising.

You and me, sis. I also feel that same pain every morning I need to wake up from bed..

It’s the Sensha-do assembly time again and the girls were now expecting to see their special Instructor, whose entrance was so epic for involving an airplane (surprisingly wasn’t animated as CGI) pooping down a tank which ran over and squashed the principal’s car.

F#ck the Principal!

Being the one and only straight girl of the show, Saori was hugely disappointed to see that the handsome instructor Anzu promised her yesterday was merely a lady in a mini skirt with nice bewbs.

The instructor then announced that they would do a real not-so-simulation training using their tanks in the forest nearby as a battleground. Yes, without any proper training session on how to drive them. Do I need to mention that it involves them doing a pseudo Battle Royale elimination? And here I thought my Art teacher was a dick for ordering us to do a vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator on our first day of class with 0% introduction to the program…

Oh, do keep an eye on how adorable Anzuwas when she failed to climb on the tank that she had to order Kawashima to be her step ladder.

Seriously? A traditional map? No GPS allowed..?

Miho’s team had a little advantage thanks to her and (especially) Yukari being already familiar to the system (although I really don’t get it why they have someone as weak as Hana and ditzy like Saori as the driver and commander), Anzu, the patriots, and the volleyball girls’ team seemed to be doing well despite busty Yuzuko was still the one doing 90% of the team jobs. The 6-lolis group however have to result in having cute Oono, the twintail meganekko going online asking people for quick tutorials. Of course, it’s the Internet; sexual harassment pervs and bored douche who had nothing to sayare pretty inevitable.

Let’s play a drinking game. Everytime you see Anzu munching or holding a bag of snacks, you take a shot!

I have to say this part about young girls operating tanks for the first time in less than hour was pretty farfetched. Then again, I never drive a car so I have no idea how possible it is for someone to be able to know how to drive that quick, let alone know how simple it is to ride a tank  compared  to a car.

Just putting this pic here because Oryou is too cute..

They arrived right on their “checkpoints” when all of sudden the volleyball girls team shot them. Seriously, with that impact and friggin loud sound, I’m starting to loose my trust on Yukari when she stated that they’ll be using ammo that sounded a lot less hazardous than paintball bullets. The next thing I had in my scumbag brain after that was the gruesome image of a decapitated Saori with her body still sitting in the tank.

“I’m going to bombard that gluttonous brat after this and snatch my voice back!”

It turns out that the patriot lolis and the volleyball girls have made an alliance to beat them down first. The whole team panicked and rushed away from the spot to escape, only to spot someone lying asleep on they tracks and was about to be rammed down….

If I wasn’t aware that she’s supposed to be hypersomnic, I’d suspect that she was reading Twilight.

Overall, this is definitely another great episode as quick introductions to the other girls from the other teams. Some parts were a little too rushed but come to think of it, I don’t really feel it would be a good idea to have them spending one whole episode tracking down the tanks. I simply adore how the conversations and odd quirks done by the girls (even in the background) somewhat work really well as subtle establishments to each own unique traits.

The only team that I still have some troubles in making out each of the members is the one with 6 girls in it. Aside Oono, that girl who seemed to always spaced out whenever she’s on screen and their captain (whom I somewhat suspect to be related to that odd-looking haired girl guarding the school gate), I can’t really tell anything about the other three that much aside describing them as the long haired one with freckles, and the other two with short brown hair.



Saemonza’s random grunt.

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