Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 02: Snake And Plane (Flat Loli)

18 Sep

Okay, I gotta make this quick and try to catch up “reviewing” all the 10 episodes since the last one will be released in less than a week now.

It was quoted that the best pro-wrestler in the world is one that brings nothing but a broom into the ring, announces that the broom will be his opponent and somehow manage to pull out a 5 star match. Well, to make it simple, that’s exactly what I think of Toshino Kyouko. The first part of this episode featured a normal scene of a lazy schoolgirl rushing (not really in Kyouko’s case) through her homework during recess period that she eventually had to result in pestering her friend to lend her book for her to copy.

Sounds like a generic and average thing you would find in a slice of life anime… but damn no, as long as you have Kyouko on screen, she’s going to continue to prove you that she can turn a bowl of plain soup into a tray of bacon, starting with tricking Yui with random questions like “What are you going to do if you win a lottery?”, which then followed with “You’re so kind.”, and then switched into “Do you love me?” and finally “Can you show me your homework?” Kyouko, you’re a genius!

If I am director of a sci-fi anime, I’ll force the writers to come up with a monotonous android girl and hire Tsuda Minami to voice as her..

The Jesus Christ level of “Water into Wine” miracle of Kyouko didn’t end there, she even introduced her own “variation” of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Yugi-Oh, Bakugan, Beyblade.. whatever overreacting toy-based shonen franchise out there, take a note from this girl on how to make a simple game look exciting in an excessive way. Oh yea, I also fukken love Yui’s robotic voice when she conveniently told Kyouko that her love was the “reason” why she refused to share her homework. It sound so sexy to me for certain reason. Of course, all efforts were put to waste as the school bell rang right even before Kyouko could take a peek on Yui’s homework…

…which leaded Kyouko to make one of the best facial expressions I’ve seen through the series. Interestingly that was not in the original manga.

Creepy if you have no idea what’s actually happening here..

Off to the second part. I have to say since I’ve read this part from the original manga via Dynasty Scans, I kinda have the urge to make some comparisons between that one with Commie’s fansubbing work. Of course, I’m not saying that Commie did a bad job, it’s just the nitpicky side in me feeling that the joke went a little lost here.  Two of those I’m bothered to state out is one of the nicknames Kyouko suggested for Akarin; while Dynasty retained the name “Aka-chan” (a wordplay of the first syllables of Akarin’s name and the word Baby), Commie went straight to use “Baby”. Not that there’s anything wrong about Commie’s selection of word, it’s just that I kinda feel that some viewers would think that Kyouko was directly making fun of Akarin as a 13yo crybaby.

The hell is Power Rangers? Onore Saban..

The other one being the Sentai Villain names Kyouko used for Sakurako; Hellbraun (Commie) vs Light Brown (Dynasty). Personally I find myself laughing more on Kyouko’s choice to name Sakurako “Light Brown” mainly because Sakurako’s hair is more close to yellow and Kyouko already claimed that colour for herself.  The name itself just made me think of how hilarious it would be if Toei decided to name Gokai Silver as Gokai Chrome Gray. Hellbraun on the other hand sounds more like a cool name and somewhat makes it feel like Sakurako is a commander level Sentai like Dekamaster.

Lies!! In reality, 99% of the attendances are single males and middle aged men..

Anyway, I seriously hope someone can point me out on what’s with the random Kyouko eating a plate of curry rice thing during the discussion… In fact that wasn’t even in the manga. Oh, new eyecatches for both Kyouko and Yui.


The following part is certainly my top favourite one out of the 4 chapters of this episode mainly because it focused on the Seitokai/Student Council girls (which imo really deserve more screentime).

“Hey, this milk dispenser machine isn’t worki… Whoops, sorry Furutani-san.”

As generically predictable as how the “false alarm” lines Sakurako and Himawari were having right before Chitose and Ayano entered the room, I seriously can’t help but think those may probably become a fad that will spawn several yuri fanarts displaying Sakurako as a dickgirl… *Shivers*

If George Takei is a bespectacled loli with a high pitched voice…

Apparently, the seitokai office was invaded by a snake and for once, we finally get to see what’s Sakurako good at other than just being your bratty lazy-bone loli. I’m seriously forced to admit, I’m totally on Himawari’s side on this one; I can smack and squash a roach and only feel bothered about having to wash my hands afterwards, but knowing that there’s a baby snake in front of me will make me start doing that “Quick Flashbacks Before You Die” thing. At the same time, I really feel like complimenting Sakurako for having the guts to catch a snake with her bare hands…. err, not really.

Breast Logic? Leave it to Sakurako.

I can’t really perfectly explain why but it’s just fun watching Sakurako battling a small snake that kept on trolling her and somehow even manage to set up a rivalry between her and a mini refrigerator. Pretty much this is the part where I really start to dig in Sakurako’s character. My only complain is how this chapter seemed to just ditch out Chitose away by having her doing her routine delusion session thus making her somewhat getting the least interaction unlike Ayano and Himawari. Nice imagination she had there btw..

Enough is enough! I have had it with that motherfucking snake under that motherfucking fridge!

Successfully, Sakurako managed to capture it but not long after that, her decision of trying to show it off to Akarin and her being Katsaridaphobic backfired her as she (accidentally) unleashed the beast in the Amusement Club house when a hunted roach landed on her forehead. Oh Kyouko, I don’t think whacking a flying roach with a bokuto will be that effective. You know, I’d really love to see a survival game where Sakurako and Fear InCube get locked inside a chamber filled with roaches and spiders with glowing red  eyes…

Chinatsu’s sudden unnecessary overreaction here annoyed me so much that I really feel like throwing her a liquid nitrogen bomb..

The next part…. I won’t deny that I kinda find it to be the weakest chapter for this episode, probably because I’m not that amused on Chinatsu’s behavior during this part. Basically it’s just a scene of girls sitting down and talk about healthcare and prevention from catching influenza. As plain as it might be, at least the probability of me getting lost in the middle of the series of jokes isn’t as high as Joshiraku… which ironically and coincidentally also discussed about Winning Lotteries and Immunizations in the same episode.

GJ to you for picking us instead of that one false advertising “This anime is full of ORDINARY dialogues..” show.

Don’t blame me for being biased, the one in Joshiraku freaked the hell out of me for real when Kukuru went through a total mental breakdown with her false pregnancy. Yuru Yuri ♪♪ on the other hand luckily was saved by Kyouko’s Air Hula Hoop as one of the natural prevention of catching a flu. Then there’s that experience of her finishing a whole series of manga until sunrise; which really reminds me of myself of watching Whose Line Is It Anyway through the whole night. Kudos to her too for indirectly promoting her Season 2 Character song. Interestingly, Yui didn’t say “You didn’t even have one.” to Kyouko in the anime version, obviously because she already have one (two by the time this entry is posted) released so far. Eventually, she did catch a cold  as a result of doing that outdoor back scrubbing thing which I’m still wondering why it sorta became a tradition in Japan.

Overall, despite having the early signs that both Chitose and Ayano will not get any proper screentime for this season (and God knows the Kyouko-Yano fanboyism in me was asking why didn’t Ayano pay Kyouko a visit at the end of the episode), it’s really a fun and  neat episode. I am fairly amused on how the chemistry of Kyouko’s unpredictable silliness and Yui’s Tsukomi act can make any plain conversations interesting.

Anyway, why didn’t any of them of suggest “Blackberry” or “Blackcurrant” for Yui’s fruit nickname instead of rotten Banana?

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