The Danger of Using Nicknames

16 Sep

Apparently there was this one of story about a person who eventually experienced the biggest shock that will definitely change the life of that person forever after abusing the freedom of using fake names.

The person was just an usual employee in a certain company. On weekdays, that person will sit in front of a desk, doing assignments on the computer, answering calls via the office phone, responding to colleagues’ occasional questions, pretty much everything an average worker in an office would do.

It was said that for at least once or twice a week, that person would go out during lunch time only to occasionally come back with a parcel either in the person’s bag or being held in the hand. Every time the other colleagues ask, that person would just say that they were just errands for the family; collecting mails and packages from a post office nearby. Little did the other colleagues know, when they were too busy doing their own work, that person would secretly contacting dealers through the net;  the sources of all the mysterious boxes that person carried around to and from the office.

It was not until one day, one of the sources decided to cut off the dealership between that person due to certain circumstances. Desperate and filled with greed, that person had no other choice than faking an identity and continue contacting that dealer as a different person, of course, complete with using a new shipping address which was that person’s office itself. All that person was sure was once any of the parcels arrived, it will be directly placed on that person’s desk so there won’t be any worries about having anyone in the office finding out the contents inside.

At that moment, that person was not even aware that the name attached to the delivery address was the fake one that person used for the new identity.
Weeks passed, usually it would only take a couple of weeks till that person found a note inside the post box of the address that person used to use indicating that there are parcels waiting to be collected from the post office counter. Yet, that person was now still waiting for the first sight of the long-awaited package expected to arrived as late as a week ago. That person contacted the local post office in case there was a technical problem which might caused the parcel failed to be delivered. Unfortunately, the helpline was not that much helpful considering the parcel was lacking of tracking number.

It was not until a few days later, that person started to think that package may be already lost and starting to loose hope. The best thing to do  was to go to the post office and ask any of the staff there if they could find it (probably) hidden in the pile of undelivered parcels, at least it might be better than having it delivered and discovered by the wrong hand; that person thought while exiting the office washroom.

Then, all the dreads and fear started to stream along the person’s nerves as the person saw the boss of the office, holding a boxcutter and about to open a familiar looking box. Seeing the big red “FRAGILE” texts printed on each sides, the person let out a loud scream which echoed…….. in the person’s own head.

Nervously the person approached and asked “Is it a parcel for *the fake name the person used*?” The boss answered that he was not sure. The moment the person took a look at the delivery address paper, it turned out that the custom sticker had blocked almost all of the person’s fake name, which coincidentally spelled the boss’s first name. The biggest horror of all, it was also written with big and bold letters;



The boss then returned to his office while snickering; “What toy is that? A blow-up “Toy”?”

At this moment, that person felt that all his dignity as an average adult was gnawed to pieces… But hey, at least I now know my Nendoroid Takanashi Miu/Miwa and PVC Momose Hikaru figure are safe in my hands : D

I still feel the double guilt for having my secret hobby revealed to the people in my office and for being an otaku in denial though. Worse part is I still have to wait for my Figma Hanekawa Tsubasa and PVC Michiru being delivered via that same dreadful address info, so I need to act like a hunting wolf as soon as I see a postman entering our office with a box filled with big FRAGILE signs printed around.

And there you are, a true story about the danger of using nicknames (on your Shipping Address).

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