Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 01: The Most Interesting Lesbo In The World

09 Sep

In a cliché way, if you happened to be lost and alone in a desert, you’ll stumble an old looking lamp half or quarterly buried under the sand, regardless how illogical it can be for being there so long yet still manage to barely stay away from being buried as deep as a dinosaur fossil. Generically, a stereotypical beer bellied, quarterly bald genie will pop out as soon as you accidentally rubbed the lamp with your T-shirt who’ll then give you the option to make a wish… but what if the only wish you can make is to resurrect someone who’s dead? If you ask me, most likely I’d ask him to bring back good Ol’ Freddie Mercury from his grave. Then I’d start to think that since everyone with good taste in music loves him, I could say that someone else who gets to meet this genie afterwards will ask for the same thing too so I’d end up wasting mine when I can just ask for the resurrection of someone who didn’t get that much love when they were alive. Then, certainly, I’d just ask the genie to revive Sakuragi Yukari back so she can get back all the screentime she deserves at the same time shove the Finger towards the Grim Reaper and all those gore hound bastards who cheered during her death scene and call her dumb for following the cue of a sick minded director from Studio PB.

As generic as it sounds, stumbling upon a wish-making genie is certainly impossible. But hey, Yuru Yuri is back and that’s enough to resurrect my spirit to blog random stuff in this site! That said, here’s my thoughts and so-called review on the first episode of Yuru Yuri ♪♪~

edit: By the time I finally manage to find some free time to finish typing and post this, episode 10 or 11 has already been airing so I’ll just let readers assume that I did a marathon to catch up the whole released episodes of Yuru Yuri ♪♪ so far.

So then the show started with by far one of, if not the most epic Akarin entrance ever presented in the  history of the series. Of course, unless you’re as slow as me (who thought it’s a way of the show welcoming the viewers back for the second season) you would already go “Dafuq did I just watch..?”

Kyouko-tachi welcomes you, the Slowest Blogger On Earth.

Then, the new OP song kicks in. I got to be honest that I personally like this a little bit more than Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Daijiken (the previous season’s OP… yes, the title is so mouthful that I had to copy  that straight from Google).  I highly believe that it has something to do how the animators put tons more effort in doing the fluid animation of the girls in the clip, especially during that part where Kyouko being herself by messing up the synchronized mirror dance with Yui unlike the other two.  There’s no way I can watch that part without thinking “And that’s one of the many reasons why you’re awesome, Kyouko.” The only thing that it’s missing is intro shots of the school council girls. Sure the previous one briefly had them but at least they’re still there.

I don’t usually fail to answer scientific questions. But when I do, I just tell them that they’re cute

Stalkers are cute when they come in a shape of lesbian meganekkos..

So on with the first quarter of the episode where the universe of Yuru Yuri has succumb to what I may call the World of Akarin; she’s now popular and every cast of the show (at least the one she knows) are all hungry and fighting each other for the taste of her lips and skin. And here you get to see a small glimpse of the stalker who lives in the next room aka. Akarin’s sister.

Fatal Booby Ram!!

Of course, unless this is Decade’s fault, everything was merely just a dream she’s having while dozing in a train Kyouko-tachi were boarding for a holiday trip to the hotspring. Honestly to say,  this part was the least favourite for me from the whole 3 parts (4 if you consider the scenes after the Mirakurun movie as separated segment from the other onsen trip) of the episode. It’s not disappointing and I admit that it’s just downright hilarious to see most of them being out of character including Akari herself.

And till now, I still consider you to be the girl with the nicest ass in the show. Blushed version here btw.

I didn’t really enjoy Ayano OOC moment though, probably because I’m a big sucker of the Ayano-x-Kyouko relationship thing and the only “interruptions” I’d allow in are Chitose and Yui. Seeing her blushing and just walked away is still priceless though.

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word.. Momma’s gonna buy you a…”

(Those who have watched Evil Dead 2 will get this reference…)

Rise is fukken cute

Nothing beats Rise’s EVP  love confession…

The problem with this part is how it’s already too obvious to tell that everything was  just indeed Akarin’s dream or fantasy and you pretty much can make out that you’re just heading to a scene of her day dreaming or snoozing at somewhere other than her bed. Still, it’s a nice touch to re-introduce the main and supporting casts (those include Chizuru, Uberly adorable Prez. Rise and Michael Bay-sensei) by making it into a chapter where all the girls showed up to shout out their love on Akari. And I still have no idea how a girl who eats a whole cake in one gulp can be considered as cool and heart throbbing.. same goes to Mirakurun’s big appetite.

Then we proceed to the next part of the episode where the four Amusement Club girls went for a trip to a hotspring. Man, this girls are probably rich, I thought they only can afford to go places like that during school trips and if they have a friend named Mugi. Oh, and we now have brand new eyecatches for both Akarin and Chinatsu (what a fitting background). Just like last year’s, new eyecatches mean new character songs CD for each (main) girls.

Playing with only one racket is mainstream~

Schoolgirl financial logic aside, it’s time for Kyouko to re-steal all the focus and screentime back from Akari and prove the viewers how awesome she will always be. Seeing her dual wielding the ping pong rackets simply put a smile on my face, it just reminded me of how silly I could get during PE class. ie. Tying a hanky around my right shin thinking it will accelerate my run, only to go “F#ck this, man.” and strap it off a few seconds after I started running.

“Ooooowwww… My bawwwwlzz…”

Oh, for all those hairjob fetishists out there, do keep in mind that it’s wise not to get turn on by Chinatsu’s twin puffy tails. Pretty amusing how she could go through out the day without noticing that her hair is filled with dozens of balls…. No sexual innuendo pun intended, hairjob on Chinatsu is still as bad as trying to hump a cactus. You can do it on Suzuki Jun (K-on), but definitely not this devil. And good Lord…, apparently Yui’s shoulder blades to Chinatsu is like the forearm of a astronaut suit-wearing woman to a space Martian. I don’t really get it, I thought she has  already seen Yui wearing a pair of bikini at least once or twice before.

“How many balls have you eaten?” -Funniest quote of the day.

One of the biggest highlights of this episode is definitely the mini episode of Majokko Mirakurun… although they somehow called it a movie instead of a regular episode from the TV series. I honestly don’t really get it why they have to consider to call that a movie instead judging on how short it was and how it focus on a small crisis such as lolis getting their skirts magically shortened. It really reminds me of some of those  Tokusatsu series getting their own “movies” which are basically just non-canon sub plot that can sometimes be even shorter than the usual episodes from its actual show.

The fountain of wisdom fails to calculate the chaotic and absurd level of Raika’s cuteness..

Anyway, I really need to come back to my sense and admit that small rant above is merely just me trying to desperately hold my nosebleed by shifting my attention away from something as freaking adorable as Rivarun’s pre-transformation form; the heavenly bespectacled, gut blasting , blood spraying, uberly cute Raika-chan. Kurumi on the other hand doesn’t look that appealing as much as how I find Mirakurun does.

“Yay! I get to taste Kurumi’s saliva!”

God knows how I’m weak to a bespectacled cutie voiced by Yuuki Aoi…. although I may need to admit that my nitpicky side isn’t that amused that she sounds more like Kaname Madoka as Raika, and only sounds like Victorique (my all time favourite gothloli waifu) when she appears as Rivarun, whom I’m not that fond of as how I do when she’s Raika. Yea, I’m still keeping that bitterness in me for being disappointed on how fans tend to refer Y.A’s popular role more to Madoka instead of Victorique (which imho reflected Y.A’s talent and trademark more as one of the top-notch voice-actresses in today’s anime industry).

First world crisis..

Either way, this short yet entertaining Mirakurun segment pretty much tells the viewers that Chinatsu’s Mirakurun cosplay and impersonation to be exact, are not really that out of character, unless you like to think of her being not as violent as the original one……..

Loli skinship! F#ck yeah!!

In the end, the three girls (no, I’m not making a lack-of-presence joke, that girl sleeps at 9pm)  went back to the hotspring for another moment of skinship, which did not really go that well seeing Chinatsu proved how screen-accurate she is as a real life Mirakurun. But hey, at least she doesn’t pick up notes from Moe‘s “1001 Ways To Comically Hurt People” like Mirakurun does. And so, the episode ended with Akarin waking up and found herself alone in the room (before getting cut by the ED theme video)… which was a little random imo.

I will talk about what I think about the new ED them in the next episode review since I am too lazy to do it now.

Overall, it is really an entertaining episode. Despite being a little unamused with “Akarin Becomes Popular” part, I still need to say that was a nice touch as an opening chapter for the second season especially on how it worked as a main casts reintroduction, albeit all of them were pretty much being half out of the character. If it was not there, the whole episode pretty much will just be the four main girls going for a hotspring trip, with the Seitokai/School Council girls (whom I actually like more) being ditched. Not to mention, Raika’s “debut” was like a sweet cherry hidden inside a delicious moist chocolate cake.

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