Real Graviton Froggy Bomb..?

22 Jan

I know I’m supposed to continue blogging other stuffs.. but well, I can’t help but post this just because it’s pretty significant to an episode of Railgun…, and how hilarious it sounded..

20th January 2010; Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette ended up getting closed on Wednesday morning after a large bag (apparently with some blood stains on it) was found at the campus parking lot. A school staff quickly called the police at around 7.00am that morning.

After securing the whole students and school staffs in a building at the east side of the campus, along with a sophisticated robot complete with mechanical arms and a camera (make it sounds more like a setting in Railgun, eh?), the Boulder County’s Bomb squad managed to uncover the suspicious looking package.

And all they found was this:

Fortunately, with further inspection, there were no other hazardous items (including any aluminum material, hopefully) found along side with Kermit inside. The school was cleared before 10am, although the whole campus remained closed the whole day considering a lot of students did not make it to the campus due to road block (probably) enforced by the police.

Poor Kermit, he probably got abducted and put inside a duffel bag when he was doing his Sesame Street News taping..

The faithful source.

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