Railgun teaming up with Megaten?

27 Dec

If you’re a frequent visitor and a “bookmarker” of Pixiv, you’re most likely aware that you get to see a page of a random ad everytime you finished bookmarking an artwork… Few minutes ago, I was lurking around Pixiv and happened to find something interesting..

Am I in this game…. too?

The ad appeared as a Flash mini puzzle game where you get to arrange jigsaw pieces of the Railgun girls superimposed posing with Jack Frost and Cerberus from the Megaten series. After finishing the puzzle, you’ll get a link to a teaser site.

It turns out they’ll make a collaboration with Megaten’s MMORPG; Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. So far there are not that much information regarding this.. and yea, I can’t read those Kanji from the site..

Whether we’ll get to play as Misaka or Kuroko as Devil Summoners, or disappointingly; just had them as cameo NPCs, I’m still not sure, though of course, I’d LOVE to help Saten gaining her Levels and side along with Konori-sempai :3

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