Inappropriate 11Eyes Christmas Gallery

27 Dec

Despite the TV series is on the verge (yea, I know the last episode was this Tuesday) of the moment where everyone died (except for that Biatch); the girls of 11Eyes will still never cease to cheer up your lonely Christmas night with SOME inappropriate but awesome and delicious images of them celebrating this festive season.

Note:Don’t worry, this post is Necrophilia-free.

What do you mean this was 2008? I can only see delicious Shiori and Misuzu..

What the fuck is that Bitch doing on Shiori’s seat..!?

Best dress:Kukuri, Best Act:Yukiko, Best Expression:Misuzu, Best Position:Shiori <3

Here’s Lisette (w/o the “LO” factor) enjoying the winter..

Sorry.., can’t resist to post this.. Nope, that’s not Misao. Wait, Shiori! I thought you only wear maebari as an underwear..

Not related to Christmas but…

Top from Left To Right: Hirora Yukiko, (currently side character) Natsuki Kaori, Lieselotte Wiltord (WTF!?)

Bottom from Left To Right:Kusakabe Misuzu, Penzo-san, Some Bitch, Tachibana Kukuri, mai waifu Momono Shiori (Dunno why she’s the only who’s wearing white here), Kuroshiba Kanae (Again, that’s not Misao), Hiiragi Kagami Hachikuji Mayoi Kouno Mio, Azuma Shione.

Damn, wished my Photoshop skill is good enough.. Seriously need to filter out that damn thing.

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