Robert is soooo AWESOME!!!!

25 Dec

This is supposed to be posted last night, but I was so exhausted that time that I quickly dropped my head on the pillow and dozed off by the time I returned home from Christmas Eve mass..

Oh Robert, you're so......

So I went to the cinema with my friend yesterday and I have to say; I FUKKEN LOEV YOU, ROBERT….

..WRONG, I’m actually not talking about that century years old virgin vamp fangirl magnet; I’m talking about the awesome cool guy named Robert Downey Jr. and his latest film Sherlock Holmes.

Of course, I hardly had any expectation that this movie will achieved Blockbuster status (of course, I’d be happy if it did) and I can really see people crying out “Doyle’s original Holmes didn’t look anything like this!!”, or “I thought Sherlock was a pure and clean gentleman!”, or “Since when the F#ck did Sherlock know martial arts and practice Systema!!?”. However, I have to say I’m enjoying each and every bits and moments in this film.

So far I’ve only read two novels of him; The Hound of The Baskervilles (which had most of the storyline revolved around Watson instead of Holmes) and another one which I can’t remember (it might be Sign of Four if I remember correctly, the one where the main culprit was a guy with a wooden leg). I can say I’m pretty sure that the movie’s depiction of Holmes were kinda accurate in terms of having RDJ playing his role as a carefree slobby detective. In fact the Disney animated movie, and that one classic anime by the Legendary Miyazaki both (Disney anthropomorphically depicted him as a rat while the anime had him as a dog) retained his messy but cool personality. The only thing that’s certainly missing in this movie is his trademark brown cap and cloak..

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve just recently read Gosick and fell in love with the gothloli Sherlock; Victorique so it’s obvious to guess that a detective movie starred by Tony Starks (lol) would surely going to attract my attention and automatically put into my Must Watchlist. Not to mention, I have a thing on 19th century European/Victorian settings environments.. Sadly, no gothlolis were to be seen in the movie :<

The movie was indeed enjoyable and interesting imo. Of course, again, seeing Holmes kicking bollocks and arses, especially during that fight club scene would make you think you’re watching a different movie that’s seriously unrelated to Sherlock Holmes.. I dunno, but I personally love this addition (and at least we don’t need to worry seeing our detective dude getting beaten countless times everytime people caught him eavesdropping investigating). I really love those parts where he pre-planned his jabs, attacks and finishing blows (complete with slow-mo effects) before engaging in a serious fight against his opponents. Too bad he didn’t use them on Blackwood or that big foreigner guy nearly in the end of the movie… quite disappointing for me since I freaking love those styles..

The comedy, especially Holmes’ spontaneous jokes as well were really enjoyable to watch, they’re hardly cheesy, childish and didn’t end up into forced humours turning into lame crap.. *cough* Wheelie humping Mikaela’s leg *cough* The characters of course, other than Holmes, were interesting indeed especially Watson and Blackwood. Funny how I actually believed that all the mysteries throughout the movie were indeed caused by Blackwood’s black magic…

Anyway, GJ and Kudos to RDJ~ He really did an awesome job in playing his character so well just like how he did in Ironman. Each and every seconds of his appearance made my eyes glitter and put me in awe..

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