11Eyes 10: GIVE ME BACK MY YU-KURI!!!!

17 Dec

Gawd fucking damn of course, I WAS happy that 11Eyes has turned and greatly developed from our generic schoolkids vs demons series to something deep and emotional (Quiet NGE fanboys, your nostalgic preachings aren’t welcomed here.)

BUT seriously, this has completely turned into MyHime; give us a group of cute girls that can kick asses and go badass (when I said badass, of course Selfish Bitch is excluded), add Moe moments to make us go “NGHHHHHH”, make us love them, add a twist where they need to face each other, have one of them turning into a total dick against them, spam as much tragedy right in the finale ie; kill each and every characters and leave at least leave 2-3 for the final episode..

At first I was pretty happy that Shiori finally gets a good amount of screentime. She explained all the whereabouts of the Black Knights, the term “Fragments” and King Velado, and her loli girlfriend; Lieselotte. Wow, Velado was indeed a lolicon king, wasn’t he..? However, Shiori’s epic screentime had to be spoiled and butt in (yes, fukken lame pun intended) by fan-hated Selfish Bitch-chan, bringing tea for everyone and apparently put a razor blade inside Misuzu’s tea. That ain’t funny BITCH, nor it isn’t even something to be amused like a needle inside a bento box.. I was going to snap and post the cap her but Yuka pissed me off so much that I rather not doing it..

Not enough with that FUCKING BITCH-chan again interrupted Shiori’s urgent discussion with Kakeru by stripping off to her dirty cootied underwear and started to cling around Kakeru’s arm and eventually fell asleep half naked. HELL, I found her so fucking annoying that I didn’t get turned on even a bit seeing her all bare pink underwear (which USED TO BE her only favourable part in the first five episodes). Fuck that!! Shiori’s Moe behaviour when she’s playing with the shattered statuette head is light years more appealing than Selfish Bitch’s cheap fanservice scheme. Now wait till she exposed the Maebari patch she wears underneath her skirt..

Bwah… bwah..bwah…

Awww.. How cute… <3

Wait… 64 years ago..? So how old is Shiori actually…? Gotta wait for 11Eyes Crossover then..

“My girlfriend loves my toned arms…”

Gothloli Flashlight; just twitch the n!ps and watch her eyes glow in the dark!!
Available now in stores nearby…

Shiori however, kept cool and continued telling him about how the post-Black Knights as well as the other Holy Association fought and only managed to seal Lieselotte after centuries of wars… Wait whut? So all these past hundreds of years she (Lieselotte) didn’t ever thought of using her powers to open the Abyss until 64 years ago? Ah, screw all logic and plotholes! As long as I can Yuka die a horrible death that WILL be fine enough for me.

Even malnutritioned African children can look Moe…

Waiting too long for her screentime to come up. Kaori felt bored hence asleep.

Then there we have Misuzu having a moment of silence in her training hall. Kakeru entered in and gave some motivation speech that somewhat triggered a flag for Misuzu to fell on him… which unfortunately, for no fukken reason, Yuka (who now had her uniform put on, sleeping on the couch) sensed something, woke up and waited for his slaveboy to return quickly, like a retarded wife. And what the fuck happened next? She brought, or should I say DRAGGED Kakeru back to that hall and asked Kakeru to kiss her to dispel Misuzu’s sweet sweat aroma from his body.. And of course, being a total dick, Kakeru accepted and rewarded that useless motherfukken bitch his lips.

So… enticing..

Kakeru is a total dick for picking Yuka over her..

Back in the living room, Shiori continued her further explanation regarding the seven fragments and how they all were supposed to be separated in different worlds but apparently got pulled into the same world after the first appearance of the Red Night in ep1. Shiori then revealed that the world they’re now residing belongs to THAT FUCKING BITCH and that Kukuri was just an illusion created by her to satisfy Kakeru’s sister complex, and considering she already got what she wanted all this time, she decided to erase Kukuri (who was still giving a Moe-ful smile to Misuzu that time) just like that, like some retarded fukken Deviantart mods. FUCK OFF BITCH!!! Why the fuck did you killed her before she can even utter her first second word!?



I’m surprised, if I’m on Shiori or Misuzu’s shoes, I would already killed her from the beginning to reduce the risk. Afterall, if it wasn’t because of her, Kakeru’s Eye of Aeon wouldn’t have been awaken at the first place hence giving Liselotte a huger chance to open the Gate of Abyss.

Upon realizing that she’s in love with Takahisa and heart shattered for killing him herself, Yukiko barged into the Black Knight base to kill Superbia as the Red Night emerged.

Upon realizing Yukiko’s absence, the others ran to get her but Yuka had to keep on being a total annoying bitch by dragging Kakeru away from following Misuzu and Shiori. A group of Maras emerged inside the house and Bitch-chan again tried hard to prove herself useful. Of course, she managed to mutilate those penis but since she’s a pure weakling bastard, she accidentally all her MP and died… (I wished so).

Mmm, subliminal pantyshots…. fap fap… fap…. fap…. f… *cries*

Yukiko’s battle on the other hand however didn’t went well as how she did against Ira. Her finish blow got easily dodged by Superbia and unfortunately, again, got impaled from the back and pinned to the ground with Superbia’s swords nailing her like Jesus Christ. Gawd WHAT THE FUCK!!? I was repeating “Don’t worry, she won’t die! She won’t die! She’s invincible! She won’t die!” in my head and then Superbia suddenly came up with the idea to nullify her by digging out her Demon shard, which resulted with poor Yukiko getting hers dug out straight from her tummy.. When the other trio arrived, they were too late… All they saw was Yukiko lying lifeless with tears across her eyes. Now excuse me for 30 minutes, I want to shed some manly tears over the dead of my dearly and one of the only few reasons I watched this show.

So tragic and horrible that even Lisette had to look away…

SHIT FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! Seriously they’re treating her like Yakumo of 3x3Eyes, just because she’s regeneratable, doesn’t mean you guys can give her series of horrible and gory moments. In fact, unlike Saeko, Takahisa and Kukuri, and despite being the youngest, she had the worse and bloodiest form of dead ever!! Now why didn’t just happen to that fukken bitch whose name rhymes to FUKKA!!?

Goodbye Yukiko… *cries* I won’t listen to Sequentia the same way I used to anymore..

Upon seeing the team’s beloved genki megane loli (and also the club president)’s tragic death, Kakeru and Misuzu raged and charged the Black Knights. Shiori launched her beams which surprisingly caused Avaritia to loose one of his arm. (AWESOME, SHIORI-CHAN~) Superbia eventually dropped the Demon shard and what happened next…?

“Bitch, Make Me a Sandwich!” Owned! GJ Shiori!~

ALL OF FUCKING SUDDEN, OUT FROM FUCKING NOWHERE, ANNOYING SELFISH HYPOCRITE FUCKING BITCH CAME, PICKED UP THE FUCKING SHARD, AND SINCE SHE’S FUCKING RETARDED AND HAS IQ LOWER THAN AN OSTRICH, SHE THREW IT TO LIESE WHICH LET HER TRANSFORMED BACK INTO LIESELOTTE!!! What the fuck, bitch!!? Are you doing that shit, in front of the body of someone you hypocritically hugged and embraced in the previous episodes, on purpose to piss ppl off!!? I swear, if that was Lieselotte Achenbach instead, you’re undoubtly going to have your fukken skull and 2 inches2 brain smashed with her luggage!!

My Rating: DIE YUKA!!!!!! DIEE!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, my prediction of this episode when I saw the preview from the last episode had become from bad to fukken worse! As I said before I was glad that Yukiko didn’t die the Juliet way in episode 9.. but wait, she did, in fact even worse and tragic. Not enough with that, Kukuri also died… in a… lame.. way? To make things worse, it was because of that damn bitch, who surprisingly hadn’t pulled out a 450 o sommersault splash from the top of the building, faceplanted herself and broke her damn neck in ep7! Now if Shiori is going to end up being a perished victim (which also made me extremely worried since she didn’t appear in the ep11 preview) due to Yuka’s bitchiness again, I’m going to shop her out from every single pics in my 11Eyes folder and draw the most grotesque images of her in all guro history!!

I dunno.., seems like the next episode is going to be like something you can see in certain Gainax anime endings.. Hope the Misuzu and Kakeru sex scene will cheer me a bit… Of course I don’t even acknowledge thr dick Kakeru to have his way on the awesome Misuzu, but well, at least this will epically pwned Yuka straight on her annoying face!

On the other hand… OMG, is that a good omen? I sorta have the feeling that Kukuri isn’t dead yet and the vanishing Kukuri in this episode was not the same one that battles with them in the Red Night. The clue is.. simple; she wears different clothes when she’s in the Red Night, and how we never saw her appearing during the Real World to Red Night change events. Plus, in ep3; she saved both Kakeru and DatBitch from Ira.. which concludes that she does indeed has her past memory of them and her past, unlike what she “said” in ep8.

..I’ll just counter Yukiko’s traumatic and tragic incident with this series of Shiori-chan caps therapy… ;_;

Now please allow me to watch Railgun for Saten-san to heal my trauma….

Oh shi~ My Saten-son got raped by some fugly toothless guy!!!


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2 responses to “11Eyes 10: GIVE ME BACK MY YU-KURI!!!!

  1. Game8910

    December 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    delicious Shiori is delicious

    • heterodoxlymade

      December 25, 2009 at 5:57 pm

      Of course she is.. :3

      ..can’t help but finding last pic creepy for a certain reason, though..


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