11Eyes 09: The Motto Didn’t Last That Long..

14 Dec

Darn, watched 11Eyes last week but I eventually only managed to blog it today. F- You, Truck!

Shiori orders you to give her a hug.

Tragically shocked and broken after seeing (one of) his most important person, Takahisa burst out to Burning Tajima-mode, went berserk and chased Superbia around the city to avenge Saeko..

Back to Misuzu’s house, cute awesome superb Italian loli Shiori stopped her attacks on Kakeru and revealed that she was just testing him to prove himself that he could lead them to kill the Demon … er, whatever. At least I’m sorta happy (for) now that Shiori seems not on the villains side and stupid creepy Bitch didn’t butt in that fight to save her precious bishie love.

*Waves* "Don't worry, Heterodox-sama. This Douchebag Dick didn't suceed to raep me."

Kukuri and Misuzu who were still on the road trying to find Yukiko, found that the a part of the city were burning and partially demolished. Misuzu saw Yukiko rushing and jumping from roof to roof (Wow, she’s indeed strong even w/ her glasses.) Yukiko came down and explained what happened. Misuzu suddenly felt another presence of Superbia nearby (albeit Takahisa was also chasing her that time) and quickly ordered Kukuri to follow and assist her while leaving Yukiko for Takahisa.

Subliminal pantyshot in a climax scene..

"You... saw my white panties when I was jumping around the roofs..?"

"Wha... what... are you... looking at !? ///"

Kukuri was speechless (lol?). This was the first time she ever saw something sooooo cute and irresistibly huggable in her life, making her frozen on her tracks..

Superbia appeared at Misuzu’s house in front of Kakeru. Misuzu arrived on time, lend Kakeru one of her sword and accepted Superbia’s challenge. While Kakeru fought the other “resurrected” Black Knights which Superbia summoned, she revealed her true form as Kanu Unchou Kusakabe Misao.

"Transmutation Formula.."

"...ACTIVATED!! *clap*"

Superbia = Kanu Unchou, with contact lens and a name of a Lucky Star character..

Yukiko ran through the burning building and found Takahisa blindly throwing flames on Superbia, “unintentionally destroying everything around him. Yukiko realized that Superbia was a fake illusion and tried to pledge Takahisa to stopped but failed. Half-conscious, Takahisa asked (and provoked) her to kill him instead since that’s the only way that could stop him..

"Wait, there's a helpless loli over there...!!!"

"RIP Crying Loli.... T^T "

The Red Night eventually broke in. Shiori entered into the living room of Misuzu’s house and found Selfish Bitch sitting there calm. Shiori informed her that Kakeru and Misuzu were in the verge of a battle against the Black Knights, and mentioned that Kakeru would be fine, but not the others. Selfish Bitch felt relieved and as usual, stated out something that makes me want to sodomize her with barbed wire pole..

"HALT! Annoying idiotic selfish bitches aren't allowed to pass this line!"

Haha! Hear that, bitch?

*Drags out an iron pole wrapped with barbedwire...*

One of the people in this pic is cute.. and she doesn't act like a bitch (oh yea, and she's deliciously flat).

A. Spill the hot tea straight to her face
B. Smash her skull with the teacup
C. Use the shattered cup shard and slit her throat
D. Use magic and blast her off to oblivion
E. All above

Kukuri eventually arrived at the battleground and helped Misuzu to bind Misao with her chains, giving Misuzu a chance to finish her, but failed. To make things worse, Misao shatter two of Misuzu’s swords to pieces and almost got killed. Kakeru, who managed to wipe all the Black Knights replicas out, jumped in and blocked Misao’s final attack with Misuzu’s lightning sword in his hands, which also charred her right hand. The Red Night broke off and Misao retreated after uttering something about successfully severing their bonds.


Felt really sorry for Misuzu to loose her swords... but damn, she looked extremely cute in that expression :3

That's one badly animated scene tbh... :<

That night, Shiori explained to them about the Holy Association she came from, the Black Knights and their shocking relationship with Shiori’s group.

*Points out a middle finger..*

Shiori gives Kakeru (and his bitch) the disgusted face..

Yukiko came into the room with blood all over her clothes, tearfully informing the others that Takahisa is dead; by her own hands..

My Rating: 5 Stars.

Again, despite being called one of the worst Anime this season, this underrated series recently didn’t cease to make me keep on hooking to watch it from episode to the next episode with its twists and cliffhangers. In term of animation, I was pretty disappointed that the Misao vs Misuzu wasn’t as interesting as Yukiko vs Ira or well animated as Misuzu and Kakeru training session in the previous episode. Not enough with Saeko’s death the ending this time pretty much shocked me as well, probably because seeing Takahisa in his leather fur jacket CGs made me believe that he would survive,or at last longer.. I personally found it sad, though I can now at least stay relieved that my dearly Yukiko didn’t die along in a Romeo & Juliet way. Kinda wonder if the game allows you to date and have sex with Yukiko only after Takahisa perished..

Another thing that I’m impressed is how they make use of their team’s motto. Instead of making the characters lamely repeating it over and over again as motivational lines as what I expected (in a bad way) like Black Cat’s “This is the way of The Sweeper!” or Street Fighter USA’s “Justice, Commitment… Bullcrap..”, it turns out to be that it was more like a set of words of someone who tried to protect and cherish her friends but eventually ended up nothing but a broken dream..

Other than that, Shiori finally gets a LITTLE decent screentime now.. Seeing her being the smallest and shortest among the whole characters (albeit Yukiko is actually a year or two younger than her) simply makes me want to grab her and hug her tight~ <3

Selfish Bitch Yuka was still annoying as.. or should i say getting a hell a lot annoying especially the part where she stated out that she doesn’t care about the others dying as long as her loveslave is fine… And WTF, after being a total pure annoying BIATCH through out these series, she suddenly gets to have sex with Kakeru in the next episode!!? Oh well, I won’t mind, in fact that would be great! You two should keep on having sex until you both got infected with HIV and die just like that, leaving Misuzu, Kukuri, Yukiko and Shiori fresh with their V-cards..

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