11Eyes 08: Goodbye Pantyshots and Happiness, Hello Psycho Biatch and Seriousness

10 Dec

As expected after watching the previous amazing episode, episode 8 simply made my jaw dropped for countless times and put me in awe.

Well, obviously this post contained a lot of (quite) major spoilers so I recommend that if you haven’t watched this episode, stay away from keep on reading this since the ending was pretty much surprising, especially to people who believe this is show is just your generic “Schoolkids vs Demons” anime..

Wha-? Recycled animation...?

Kakeru was a pure ignorant f#ck to not realize how Moe Kukuri is...

Really, there's exactly nothing wrong here except Kakeru was being a total douche.

Poor Kukuri-san..

All the team (except for Takahisa) have turned gloomy and emotionally distorted after all the series of incidents happening before; Yuka was gradually turning from a Mary Sue into a twisted Yandere, Kakeru was still worried about Yuka, Kukuri turned uneasy after Kakeru gave her the untrustworthy look, Misuzu felt uncomfortable after knowing that Superbia was indeed Bua-chan while Yukiko was feeling depressed over the last accident where the dagger she threw accidentally cut Kakeru’s back.

Takahisa on the other hand, left Misuzu’s house and went to school as usual, trying to avoid the whole team’s dilemma but eventually found out he himself had his own stuff to ponder about his relationship with Yukiko and also his foster mother Saeko.

This wouldn't happen if you're not that clingy with Kakeru at the first place.

I'm really going to miss that smile... :<

How I wished that paper plane is Kakeru & Yuka's faces.. Amazing reflex btw, Shiori-chan <3

In order to speed up Kakeru’s progression in battle, Misuzu had him drinking a drop of her blood in order for him to accept the strength and power of the Kusakabe clan. Yuka unfortunately idiotically eavesdropped that incident again, fainted only to wake up with her mind totally twisted that she went yuri and licked Misuzu’s wound on the forehead in order to.. ummm, to get the Kusakabe power?

Yukiko went to school in her casual clothes and met Takahisa to tell him her deep feelings about gaining and loosing her own friends, and how she really cherished them. Takahisa then felt the gratitude on Saeko for taking care of him since his childhood.

Nice clothes, Yukiko :3

Yes, no doubt. I no longer hate Takahisa. Thanks to Yukiko... and my hatred on Yuka & Kakeru..

...and you too, Saeko-sensei.

Misuzu found out that Yukiko had left the house despite she already ordered the whole group to stay together since it was dangerous to go around separated. She and Kukuri went off to find Yukiko leaving Kakeru alone with that yandere bitch taking care of the house.

Here comes my cute little assassin loli, ready to exterminate annoying couples away from the face of earth.

Yuka decided to clean the house since it’s not good for them to be freeloaders in Misuzu’s house without doing anything. Seriously, I really hate and despise how she cried out that she didn’t even care if Misuzu and Kukuri have found Yukiko or not… Fukken biatch! So what’s with those so-called warm “You’re not alone” hugs you gave to Yukiko in episode 4 and 7? I bet you’re not even listening properly when she was telling you her tragic childhood in Dransvenia.

"Hey, look'it me! Am I cute? Am I Moe?"

No, you're not. Sorry, lil' Bitch.

So it goes, Kakeru heard something  upstairs. He left Yuka for her safety and went up alone. Meh, another annoying part was how Yuka asked him “Do you still like me?” when he told her to not follow him and use her power since it’s pretty dangerous. Kakeru found nothing but probably just the wind blowing the door open, but just when he was about to close the door she saw mai waifu Shiori-chan who started to attack him with Moe Magic fulfilling my wish to see my two most hated 11Eyes characters die, stated that she was sent by her secret organization and revealed that she’s the one who left the sketch not (and the fact that she’s indeed not Japanese).

My real name is Shoka No Ursula..

.. and I was sent by Heterodox-sama to exterminate you...

... because you're an annoying idiotic A-HO, so as your girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Takahisa brought Yukiko to have barbecue as what Saeko promised that morning. Takahisa opened the door and found the biggest shocker of his life as well as this series itself..

My Rating: 5 STARS~

Everything…, yes I mean it; EVERYTHING has turned out surprisingly interesting; the storyline, the plot, the character development as well as interaction (you may excuse the animation though). It first started as a generic schoolkids vs random bad demons  in an alternate dimension but it’s now turning more into a life dilemma between people who were conflicted in protecting themselves from some unknown beings at the same time trying to keep the friends they love (doesn’t apply on Yuka though) safe. I’m really delighted how they apparently put an aftermath of Yukiko’s accidental “attack” in episode 7,  it really gave her more depth to her character.

Another neat thing that this show pulled out so well is Yuka’s character change; she started from an innocent typical useless heroine who used to randomly flash her pink panties around the screen (Wow, just noticed that this episode had 0% pantyshots) into a senseless psychotic girl.. Of course, I still fukken hate that annoying girl.. then again, bashing her for being a senseless yandereko is like complaining why a bittergourd taste bitter.. Funny how I felt creepy watching each and every actions she did after that yuri-lick scene; it feels like she would unexpectedly break out into her hysterical self anytime and everywhere. Oh well, at least now I won’t need to feel disturbed watching you going lovey-dovey in a cheesy way with Kakeru again, biatch. Also, f#ck your beloved Kakeru too for giving the bad look to the more-awesome-than-both-of-you Kukuri. Hmm.. I see, Kukuri actually had some of her “dialogues” pre-written in her sketchbook instead of writing every lines everytime she’s going say something.

Other than that, the ending really got me.. I actually already saw that kind of twist coming but when I saw a shot of Saeko’s legs bound with a string, in less than a second I thought she was just getting some bondage session or what… Turns out it’s worse and more shocking than that.. One sad thing is how Takahisa apparently wished to bring Saeko and Yukiko for a ride someday. *Sob* So long, sweet MILF..

Next week is something I’m looking forward too; “Broken Bonds”. Feels like all kind of twists and shockers are going to revolt around this one. The only thing I’m worried now is that chances my most beloved character Shiori (a tie with Yukiko) is going to face and obviously loose to my most hated turd of the series..


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3 responses to “11Eyes 08: Goodbye Pantyshots and Happiness, Hello Psycho Biatch and Seriousness

  1. Game8910

    December 11, 2009 at 1:37 am

    Episode 10 will make you punch your computer….not even joking

  2. heterodoxlymade

    December 12, 2009 at 3:45 am

    Thanks for the warning, then I’m going to watch it using my college computer for the safety of my laptop….

  3. Anti Yuka

    February 28, 2010 at 1:54 am

    Seriously man,

    That girl Yuka is such a clingy bitch! I wish Kakeru would c some sense n dump her.


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