11Eyes 07: Creepy Damn Attention Whore

07 Dec

Class works are piling up again so I’m really going to make this short.

The team split up to find Yuka who went missing in the end of the previous episode. Since Lisette was left alone in the Black Knight base, she tried to broke herself free from the crystal seal with some of her power.

"Do you know that...... your girlfriend, Yuka is annoying?"

"OMG, that's one looooong Johnny.."

Yukiko was running around the town in search for Yuka and found a pile of dying Mara(s) which leaded her to a shrine and eventually found Yuka talking to herself inside. Yukiko tried to cheer her up, which included her routine breast gropping scheme but failed. Yuka stated that she was feeling miserable for being powerless and being a burden to the team. Yukiko then started to tell her about her bitter past (which she was about to tell in episode 04) when she used to live in Dransvenia, as a loli assassin and used as an undead suicide bomber, and the fact that the glasses she wears are meant to seal her killer loli side.  By this, Yukiko stated that it’s good for Yuka to be powerless, stay away from the battle and keep on living as a regular girl. Damn, this simply made my love and respect on Yukiko hell skyrocketed~ Yuka got up from her seat, hugged Yukiko and told her that everything’s going to be alright,…. and then look at the screen with a creepy damn stare that almost ate 100% of my soul..

I'd tap dat ass...

Yukiko used Breast Fondling!


The youngest (and still living) suicide bomber on earth.

Lisette was able to crack the crystal open a little but Avaritia (who got informed by Superbia who sensed that she was trying to escape) returned and resealed her back. Then, he as well as the others felt a strong presence of magic of someone who also single handedly killed Scholastica (Acedia’s substitute sister that appears in a form of a puppet with twin blond braids) in just a few seconds. Lol, I actually thought that was Yukiko and believed that Yuka’s inner power was turning humans to puppets…

Superbia and Invidia appeared in front of Takahisa, Kakeru and Misuzu, who were still along the road trying to find Yuka. Invidia confronted the already-exhausted Kakeru and Takahisa while Superbia challenged into a one-on-one fight against Misuzu. Kakeru managed to inflict a cut wound on her back and Takahisa burnt one of her wings. Due to exhaustion, they were unable continue the fight. Luckily, Kukuri and psycho-mode Yukiko arrived on time; cut Invidia’s right hand (which is attached to her “snake sword”) and stabbed her with Kukuri’s chains.

Finally, she came...

Misuzu on the other hand, was awestruck to see Superbia doing a familiar fighting stance and the presence of her devastating strength aura. Superbia felt that the fight will be no fun since Misuzu was not ready so she retreated, leaving Invidia (who’s already in deep trouble and severely injured facing four opponent at the same time, lol) to finish them all.

Invidia pulled out a kamikaze stunt by putting up a barrier with her detached snake sword hand which entrapped all of them inside a whirlwind, at the same time about to blow out herself with her explosive blood. Misuzu tried to break the whirling barrier out but failed. Yukiko also attempted the same thing by throwing her blade but it just bounce off it and accidentally hit Kakeru on the back, which caused him to fall defenseless and eventually got his face grabbed by Invidia’s hand. I dunno why they flashed Yukiko’s straight face after her blade cut through Kakeru’s back, but she surely looked cool that time as if she was like “Oh, screw you.” :3

"Yes, I cut my own ally. So what?"


Suddenly, Yuka appeared on the top of a building nearby, shouting to Invidia to stay away from Kakeru and emitted a bright light which nullify all of their powers; vapourizing Misuzu’s swords and Kukuri’s chains, disabled the barrier and Invidia’s explosive blood. Yukiko took this chance, stabbed her through her eyes and killed her. After uttering some yandere-ish lines with a smile, Uuka passed out, Kakeru ran to get her. Misuzu then said that Yuka’s awakened power was a bad sign.

Attention whore indeed.

The Dransvenian medieval era flashback rolled in; showing a gothloli weeping with a couple of men informing her about Velado’s (the Dransvenian King who also possessed the Eye of Aeon) death. She then showed her face revealing that it’s identical to Lisette, except she wore black dress, sounded more mature, sorta evil.., and that her name is Lieselotte… (Holy shi~! Mai waifu Achenbach, is that you?)

RIP Penzo-san (EP01-EP07)

So I heard you kill people with *a luggage and your puppet onee-chan..


After the ED, the show continued with Kakeru getting out of a room after making sure that Yuka was sleeping soundly and stumbled Kukuri who was walking around the corridor. Kukuri pulled out her sketchbook asking him if Yuka was alright. Kakeru was shocked when he saw Kukuri’s sketchbook; he suddenly remembered the note on a sketch paper left in the library in episode 2, informing him that he’s the one responsible in awakening the Demon… which possibly referred to Yuka.

Damn, still can’t manage covering this episode in a short form : P

My Rating: 5 Stars

Again, simply a great and awesome episode. The animations were sometimes inconsistent and get lazy this time but the storyline and suspense really keep on making this episode worth watching and seriously interesting. Although I found Yuka hell a lot annoying this time, I’d be lying if I refuse to say that she really had a vivid character development. Yukiko’s past on the other hand was also something that simply made me feel pity on her; I mean, seriously.. a landmine sweeping and suicide bombing loli? Superbia made me feeling suspicious if by any chance she’s actually Bua-chan(clue). Another thing that sorta made felt awed was Penzo-san’s “death”. Tbh, I actually thought he (or was it a she) was going to be a sort of plushy imaginary mascot of the show just like Dango of Clannad or Etoppen of Saki. However; NO. Yuka unintentionally “killed” and tore him open due to her twisted depression… In episode 01; you saw Yuka playing with it in a happy-go-lucky moesome manner, and all of sudden; “ZIPPPP!!” she dismembered him in episode 07. Now who says there’s no such thing as deep stuffs in Moe anime? Not enough with that, the two cliffhangers in the end; Lieselotte’s introduction and her questionable relationship with Velado, and Kakeru finding out what the sketch note meant opened more mysteries that surely are going to make me slamming my face on my desk, waiting for SFW to release episode 08. Not to mention, the “Demon” referred in the sketchbook note actually got me to apparently believe that it was obviously referring to either Lisette or Kakeru himself. Btw, I’m damn happy that Monkey Kid is nowhere to be seen spoiling this episode ^^

Other than that, huzzah for the coming of the Seventh Member!! Also, Lisette’s faces when she tried to break out of her seal are too irresistibly cute :3

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