My Victorique Was Deflowered..

05 Dec

I’ve just recently got my Gosick volume 1 which I ordered from Ebay through some irresponsible seller who’s too lazy to do their job properly.

Nosey KKDN is Nosey

As usual, getting and seeing my ordered parcels arrived in front of me is one of my best joyful routine, the same way I did everytime Yukiko flashed her light blue pantsu. However, things didn’t go as usual; I found that instead of using the standard brown paper envelope, they ended up using… I dunno; it looked like two pieces of cardboard cut from a box and attached together with some damn glue. Not enough with that, the nosey KKDN checked the content and “opened” the package, fearing that I ordered a pack of compressed marijuana from UK. What’s worse, this is how they (I believed) opened it up…;


Unsurprisingly, a couple of my previous parcels also suffered the same thing, both with that same “Opened for Checking (and our nation morality sake)” tag/stamp. Now how the heck am I supposed to feel safe by the time I eventually ordered my first dakimakura or any Loli mangas.. The packaging aside, the worst part is how they (the Ebay seller) raped my poor Victorique and took her V-card away. I’ll just let these photos (sorry for the poor quality) and the captions continuing my rant;

Wohoo... No plastic wrapper... >_>

WTF! Is that some fukken glue?

I know Victorique is hawt. But that DOES NOT mean you should come inside my parcel, dammit..!

Yellowish glue marks on Victorique's bottom... :<

Yep, that's a freaking solid book tag.. or whatever it's called, which will tear the cover if I try to remove it off..

When I took.. or should I say; PULLED the book out, I found that apart of its cover were sticky. Heck, there’s even some black patch marks as a result of those sticky stuff making a damn contact with some dust. Not enough with that some (if not at least a couple) of the pages are also glued together, thank God they at least didn’t glue the whole page.

Oh well, Victorique is still too adorably cute and awesome. *Thinks of buying the original Japanese version just for the full coloured artworks*

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One response to “My Victorique Was Deflowered..

  1. James Birdsong

    April 6, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Oh what a tale *sighs*


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