11Eyes 06: Kakeru gets a Paizuri (or a BJ) and a pair of black trousers from Misuzu.

04 Dec

Class assignments and internet breakdown caused me to unable to work on my blog again. Whatever, here comes 11Eyes episode 06 review..

After the battle with Ira in the last episode, Kakeru felt and suffered a strong, sharp pain all over his body. Misuzu diagnosed (lol) that he had destroyed a huge number of neurons and cells in his body as a result of using his power for the first time without proper control. She then bought him as well as the other girls except P@nis Burner Tajima home to hold a healing ritual since regular hospitals and medication would do nothing. I’m a little confused here; whose house was that actually? I thought Misuzu lives in a traditional Japanese style house..

Nice trousers, Kakeru.

While Yuka, Yukiko and Kukuri waited outside (and possibly later on went to the bedroom to sleep), Misuzu spent the whole night performing the ritual and executed some umm.., unnecessary acts like stripping herself to err… purify Kakeru’s (who was also nakky) inner wounds.


Ghost apparition...

The next day, when Yuka delivered a breakfast meal for Misuzu in front of the room where she performed the ritual, she decided to peek in and found Misuzu was giving Kakeru a paizuri them both waking up naked inside and quickly ran away in shock. Misuzu explained to Kakeru about his right eye, put her miko costume clothes on and went outside, only to found that the door was slightly opened and a tray of meal left on the floor, suspecting that someone was outside a few moments ago.

Good morning, Yukipunk.. :3

"Hahahaha, you..."

"...have a p@nis of this size."

Errr... you mean "Nice Boat"..?

Moments later, the four of them aside Yuka were having a chat in the living room while waiting for Yuka to prepare to go to school. (Hmmm, imagine those sweaty smell they had on their uniform since yesterday..) Yuka entered and they all decided to leave. Just when Misuzu was getting up from her seat, she collapsed a little for being exhausted due to the ritual and Kakeru quickly grabbed her. Yuka saw that, felt jealous and ran away. Surprised and confused, Kakeru quickly chased her up while both Yukiko and Kukuri felt puzzled.

Yukiko breast gropping tactic failed..

...worked with Kukuri, though.

Shiori, Kaori along with their unwanted pet monkey were on their way to school. As always, Monkey Kid tried to pull out his daily shenanigans but eventually got beaten by Kaori 3 times (2 of them were requested by Shiori :3). Red nosed Shiori is really cute btw <3 (Not saying that I’m a team with you, Monkey Kid) Yuka and Kakeru then ran passing the three of them; heading to school without their bags.

Hnnnnnnnnggghhhh... <3

Kaori + Shiori = Monkey Owned!

Later on, the other trio (Misuzu, Yukiko and Kukuri) were also walking to school while talking about Kakeru’s right eye. Yukiko mentioned that when she was still a little loli, she heard a tale from Dransvenia about an ancient King who possessed a similar eye. She even mentioned that the King’s empire was wiped out after getting tricked by a witch. Misuzu wondered if the witch Yukiko referred to possibly might be Lisette-chan. Hmm, since Yukiko was also raised in Dransvenia, doesn’t that make her related the closest with the whereabouts of the Red Night and Lisette-chan..?

Back to the two Instant Lovebirds, Yuka ran to the roof followed by Kakeru. He tried to calm her down and asked what’s wrong. She resisted and exclaimed that his behaviour and relationship with Misuzu had drastically changed since the ritual especially how he had been starting to address her by her first name instead of her family’s name. Kakeru then straightly asked if she can still believe in him or not but she just ran into him and press her face on his chest.

Meanwhile, Yukiko were talking with Misuzu, suggesting an idea to leave the city to avoid the Red Night since she noticed that the Red Night territory has a limit on a certain places. Tajima butted in and said that it’s useless since there is a barrier blocking their way from leaving the city, only to be interfered by Saiko-sensei who pulled him away after he mocked her as a spinster.

"I know far away out there, there's a person who keeps on snapping caps of almost each and every frame of me.."

"Yes, I believe that person IS taking a snapshot of me now.."

Back to the other two, Yuka asked Kakeru to kiss her but he eventually refused since he didn’t want to kiss her in sadness. Broken hearted, Yuka ran away down from the roof and the Red Night suddenly kicked in.

After recovering from his pain cause by the Red Night emergence, Kakeru went down, met Misuzu and the others. At the same time, Invidia (the Black Knight with the Blade Whip) confronted Tajima for a one by one battle while Avaritia (the Leader) sent Acedia to kill/capture Kakeru.

"Okay, who the f#ck replaced my Lisette with a poorly made ugly looking doll..?"

Before engaging in the battle, Acedia stated that the reason why the Black Knights wanted to annihilate them was for the sake of the future and that they (Misuzu and the others) are referred as sinners. Misuzu was still exhausted so she was unable to fight Acedia. Kakeru tried to fight him but at the moment he removed his eyepatch, he collapsed since he had not fully recovered yet. Yukiko then used her agility (she didn’t turn into her Psycho Mode this time unfortunately) to lure Acedia away. Kukuri used her Chains and instantly killed Acedia and all his minions, in an awesome way. One of Acedia’s heads (probably as a backup substitute) however escaped; leaving the body vanished to dust.

Dream Match: Tachibana Kukuri vs B-Rabbit Alice

"For me? No thanks, I don't want deflowered second hand gifts."

Right after the ED (I simply love how this show continued the cliffhanger ending on each episode after rolling the ED credits :3 ), they decided to continue searching for Yuka. Tajima appeared wounded by Invidia (who also ran away from the fight) saying that they were too late, as he handed out Yuka’s torn Penzo-san plushy which he found from the destroyed infirmary. Kakeru quickly rushed to find her…


My rating: 3.5 stars

This episode is simply one of the most interesting one I watched so far, especially how this is the first time (episode 1 doesn’t count) the Red Night stayed even until the end of the episode. Though, the odd looking inconsistent character design and animation really deduct my personal rating of this episode, and not to mention, I found Yuka extremely annoying in this episode. I can excuse her for being helpless for having no ability (Hell, Saten-san is Level 0 yet she can still do lots of stuffs and stay cool!!) but seeing her getting emotionally jealous (in an annoying way) and ran away just because Kakeru didn’t want to kiss her while being sad really get into my nerve.. (Or was it just because I have grown fond of Misuzu..) Anyway, next episode seems to be really interesting too, Lisette poked her finger out :3 And is it me or.. that was Shiori’s voice doing the commentary? Looking forward for it^^ (Damn you, slow torrent.)

Other than that, I just realized that Kukuri always changes her attire every time she enters the Red Night, plus they never ever show her getting doing the “stomach ache” like the other do whenever the phenomenon kicks in. Anyway, Kukuri with her sketchbook is just too cute, as well as red nosed Shiori and bad hair morning Yukiko.. Inb4 oldfags claiming Kukuri copied Tomoyo in the Voice Card episode…


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2 responses to “11Eyes 06: Kakeru gets a Paizuri (or a BJ) and a pair of black trousers from Misuzu.

  1. Imelda Aragon

    May 27, 2010 at 11:07 am

    You’ve done it once again. Incredible writing!

  2. Kamashakuji12

    February 5, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I hate Yuka that little wench XD She IS annoying…T_T


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