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No More Sancon While In College :<

Darn, I was about to update my blog and do my usual Sancon stroll while waiting for my class to start this morning but it turns out that my college wireless eventually blocked the access to Sankaku Complex just because it’s an NSFW site..

Well, it did depress me a lot, but to make things worse; they even blocked image hosting sites such as Imageshack and Photobucket. Now I can’t even manage my images for my blog (most of the other image host sites sucked)… well, only in college, at least…

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11Eyes 06: Kakeru gets a Paizuri (or a BJ) and a pair of black trousers from Misuzu.

Class assignments and internet breakdown caused me to unable to work on my blog again. Whatever, here comes 11Eyes episode 06 review..

After the battle with Ira in the last episode, Kakeru felt and suffered a strong, sharp pain all over his body. Misuzu diagnosed (lol) that he had destroyed a huge number of neurons and cells in his body as a result of using his power for the first time without proper control. She then bought him as well as the other girls except P@nis Burner Tajima home to hold a healing ritual since regular hospitals and medication would do nothing. I’m a little confused here; whose house was that actually? I thought Misuzu lives in a traditional Japanese style house..

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