11Eyes 05: Silence is Moe.

29 Nov

Finally able to find some time (from keep on loitering around Sancon and nap) to watch 11Eyes episode 5..


Right after the OP movie ended and directly, Kakeru started to utter the same “I’m protect you, Yuka.” line while self-practicing kendo (without Kirino’s proper supervision) >_> Seriously, dude.. You’re going to make people bored of that just like Train’s “This is the way of the Sweepers.” in the last few episodes of Black Cat.. Oh well.., right after that Kaori ran into Kakeru (showing a small part of her shimapan), telling him that Yuka fainted in the classroom. Kakeru rushed to the nurse office and Saiko-sensei (so that’s her name..) informed him that she was just having anemia due to lack of sleep. Hmm, I always have a lack of sleep, does falling asleep in the class and during bus rides equivalent to Yuka passing out? Saiko-sensei said that they both really get well along as a couple. Just when they both started to pull out a lovey-dovey moment again, P@nis Burner Takahisa came out from the other bed’s curtain, said that he’s sick of seeing them being together and went off the room.


Need to agree with that, dude.. I still hate you,though.

On his way along the corridor, Takahisa bumped with Yukiko who was busy carrying a truck load of crackers, she fell down and showed a delicious pair of light blue pantsu. He then quickly stripped her off and attempted to raep her. Yukiko took off her glasses, German Suplexed him and snap his neck to half helped to pick up the crackers for her, at the same time took one pack for himself. Boo..!! A real man would help the girl to stand up first instead of putting more priority on the crackers’ “safety”.

You're doing that on purpose, aren't you Jerk?

"Za warudo.."

"OMG, my favourite shrimp chips is missing!"

Back to Yukakeru in the nurse room, since Saiko-sensei is kinda concern about Yuka’s difficulty in sleeping, she suggested Kakeru to try singing a lullaby for Yuka every night but Kakeru exclaimed that he wasn’t sure if he could do that. She then convinced that it isn’t really that hard since she herself have done it a lot of times for her…. (foster) son, who is Takahisa.. 0_0”

Of course you can, Daisuke. You did well with Hare Hare Yukai, right..

Good, go with your MILF. Leave Yukiko for me. (Not saying that I have no intention hitting Saiko-sensei btw..)

Meanwhile, we again get to see the Side Cutey duo and their unwanted pet monkey on the school’s rooftop. Monkey Kid was chasing a stray black cat, tried to hug it and got scratched on the face. (Noob! Meh, I can easily pampered any cat I see in front of me in fewer than 10 minutes). The cat ran into Shiori (who was looking blankly at the sky) and she soothed it down easily (okay, she beats me on that) and picked it up.. Suddenly, as usual, my laptop burst out with potato chips and cheese crackers. Shiori looked at the sky back and uttered that the “Thing” has gone.

Kaori feeling extremely depressed on her lack of screentime..

Starring at me fappin' on Yukiko's pics from afar.. Part III

At the Modern Society Research Club room, Misuzu held a meeting with all the club members (including P@nis Burner-kun) to introduce their new ally/member. To their surprise (I didn’t, obviously), the new ally happened to be the ghastly girl who looks like Kakeru’s late sister. Both he and Yuka were at first surprised but then found out that she just shares the same name (her family name is Tachibana instead of Satsuki).. and look. Misuzu explained that Kukuri has the disability to speak and only communicate by scribbling and writing on her sketchbook (hmm, why doesn’t she just use the standard sign language?) No wonder fans fancy Kukuri a lot, her mute and innocent girl personality really generate a huge voltage of Moe power that can entice people, including me… Still miles far from Yuriko and Shiori in my book, though.

In Dransilvania...,

..people greet each other with breast fondling.

Yukiko was shocked. She accidentally punctured Kukuri's right breast, and now realized they're fake..

Yukiko stood up from her seat to make a proper welcoming greet to Kukuri, but ended up to be another yuri breast groping scheme of her.. I just noticed here that Kukuri seems to have a larger rack sets among the whole girl casts, with the exception of Saiko-sensei.. while Yukiko possibly is the second last (to obvious to state out who has the smallest one). Yukiko then uttered a Dransilvanian(?) line and decided to use it as their team’s motto (Oh gawd, please don’t utter that line over and over again for every damn episode, okay?). P@nis Burner-kun thought that it was childish, got pissed off, and promptly left the club room. What a jerk, return all those chips you munched to Yukiko, damnit!

"Do you know that eating too much fried noodles may cause you to poop rainbows? One of the people in this room already did..

P@nis Burner Takahisa left the school building with his bike but on his journey (probably to go back home), he stumbled a red barrier that’s blocking his way and somewhat prevent him from leaving a certain distance away from the city.

Back at the school that late evening, Kakeru asked Misuzu to continue his sword practice despite they were already about to close the club room. Misuzu did a simple test and successfully proved that one of Kakeru’s main weaknesses is that whenever he’s in a fight, he tends to ignore everything around him and only put his focus on the opponent, and how he just uses his physical strength to attack. The Red Night suddenly emerged and they got attacked by the Black Knight with a sharp whip (?) from previous episode. Misuzu drew out her sword and accepted the BK while letting Yuka and Kakeru ran away, as usual. However, Ira showed up in front of them and beat the crap out of the powerless Kakeru.

*Insert stomach ache medication and Head-On reference here*

Got tired of your usual "praying" pose huh, Lisette?

Meanwhile, Yukiko (who was trying to find Kukuri to return her beret/cap she left in the club room) was dumping hiding in a cubicle and a perverted Mini Mara barged in to peep her peeing. Just when she was going to turn into her Badass Mode to make another P@nis Mutilation case, Takahisa came to the save and burnt the phallic shaped creature down. Nice joke, Yukiko :3

Constipation sucks right, Yukiko?

Back to Ira vs Kakeru, Ira attempted to kill Yuka in front of Kakeru’s eyes. Kakeru got up and tried to block Ira away from Yuka. Suddenly, one of Misuzu’s swords fell down from the upper storey and dropped behind Ira. Kakeru saw that and remembered Misuzu’s words about using his feelings and turn it into his strength. He then unconsciously foresaw Ira’s attack and successfully dodged it. Realizing something, he removed his eyepatch and revealed his Glam Sight Sharingan Vision Eye Eye of Aeon, which enables him to foresee things that’s going to happen latter. With the help of the ability, he again dodged Ira’s attack and slashed him to half from the back.


The Black Knight Leader realized this and was not amused. Lisette then said that “He” is finally awaken.

OMLG, Lisette's smiling...<3

Yuka was relieved that Kakeru was able to win the fight but suddenly, he started to scream, felt pain around his body and collapsed on the floor. After the ED, we get to see the manly Knight from Kakeru’s previous dream talking to him, telling him that the Eye of Aeon, will grant him power.. At the same time will sacrifice the ones he loves around him.. Oh God, please make it Yuka and not the others especially my two waifus..

Umm.. Kakeru's Little Billy Wonka is showing...?

All of sudden, 11eyes turned into a 90's medieaval anime..

My Rating: 4 stars

I really love how this series has progress so far, a lot of things have been improving really well. I still don’t like Kakeru’s character but I have to admit that it’s interesting imo to see him finally getting his power and eventually unfold a new mystery and cliffhanger ending that makes me hardly can wait to watch the next episode. Takahisa on the other hand is still a jerk to my eyes, though I actually like how the producers don’t make him a trustworthy fellow among the members (except for Yukiko) straightly from last episode, it pretty much prevent him from gaining a poorly paced and rushed character development. His flashback doesn’t affect my view on him that much though I kinda start to like Saiko-sensei a little more now. Other than that, Kukuri is totally so Moe <3. Too bad I don’t get to see my Yukiko running amok and being gory awesome this time.. And seriously, Kaori and Shiori really need to stop getting only < 2 minutes of screentime~!

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