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11Eyes 05: Silence is Moe.

Finally able to find some time (from keep on loitering around Sancon and nap) to watch 11Eyes episode 5..


Right after the OP movie ended and directly, Kakeru started to utter the same “I’m protect you, Yuka.” line while self-practicing kendo (without Kirino’s proper supervision) >_> Seriously, dude.. You’re going to make people bored of that just like Train’s “This is the way of the Sweepers.” in the last few episodes of Black Cat.. Oh well.., right after that Kaori ran into Kakeru (showing a small part of her shimapan), telling him that Yuka fainted in the classroom. Kakeru rushed to the nurse office and Saiko-sensei (so that’s her name..) informed him that she was just having anemia due to lack of sleep. Hmm, I always have a lack of sleep, does falling asleep in the class and during bus rides equivalent to Yuka passing out? Saiko-sensei said that they both really get well along as a couple. Just when they both started to pull out a lovey-dovey moment again, P@nis Burner Takahisa came out from the other bed’s curtain, said that he’s sick of seeing them being together and went off the room.

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