11Eyes 04: Hirohara Yukiko; Epitome of Moe, Glasses and Badass

26 Nov

Yep, another pending post.

“By joining the Modern Society Research Club, you'll get the privilege to see my panties 24/7.”

So it appeared that Yukiko had just started a club named The Modern Society Research Club and already dragged Misuzu and the others to join in. At the same time, Takahisa aka. Bread Addict Delinquent Kid had his injuries (as a result from last night/episode Red Night battle) treated in the nurse office but then chased by Nurse-sensei (what’s her name again?) after putting her to a boiling point for unintentionally calling her an old spinster who failed to find a boyfriend.

An 11eyes episode is not complete without a shot of Yukapinkpan.

Impostor Yuka..?

Mmm.. Yukiko’s delicious light blue pantsu..

“He pooped in his pants!”

Gawdamnit Yukiko! Stop causing my laptop to explode with candy..!!

He ran away and found himself entering the Modern Society Research Club room to hide; coincidentally Yukiko and the others were also planning to make a Search party to find the fifth “member” of their team. Takahashi then (informally) introduced himself but refused to be a part of their team since he prefers toasting p@nis (Mini Maras) all by himself. Kakeru and the others were disappointed but Yukiko said it was okay and mentioned that P@nis Toaster-kun is actually a kind guy >_>

That night. Kakeru continued his sword practice in Misuzu’s home in a sparring session while being watched by the other two girls, but hardly even able to land a hit on her. Misuzu explained that he’s lacking of concentration and the will power to protect Yuka. Just when he was going to continue sparring, he got a slight “Ding” on the head and saw Misuzu charging towards Yuka. He dashed to Yuka and tried to block Misuzu’s attack but apparently it was just a hallucination and Misuzu was still standing on the same spot. To her surprise, she herself actually attempted to make a fake attack on Yuka to provoke Kakeru but it seemed he was able to foresee it.

Another set of awesome lines by Shiori :3

The next day, early in the morning, we get to see Monkey Kid trying to make a Funny again at the same time trying to flirt on Shiori but got single handedly owned by her awesome sadistic Kuudere lines/orders. Love how she stated every of her dead order politely with the word “please” :3

Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

Oh.., nice thighs and panties btw, Yukiko.. <3

After school (or was it recess) session, Misuzu and Kakeru went to the Club room only to find Yuka getting raped by Yukiko, who was actually trying to examine her boobs since she was suspicious on the fact how Yuka happened to have a C-cup breast despite being a pseudo loli. Suddenly, Yuka’s laxative started to kick in the Red Night emerged and there, they encountered Ira; the Knight who almost killed Kakeru and Yuka in the previous episode. Misuzu accepted Ira’s challenge, pulled out one of her sword and attacked him.

Show me your move~!

Although not as miserable as the fight against Gula (that big round Knight), Misuzu however had some tough difficulties against Ira. Yukiko noticed that fight was going nowhere (if not Misuzu ended up beaten), so she stepped up and removed her glasses.. and POWAAAA~ Yandere-mode Yukiko activated!!

“Here, let Ira-oniichan give you a piggy back ri… OH MY GAWDDDD!!!!”

With an amazing speed she landed a barrage of slashes on Ira. Ira however managed to knee striked her on the gut and launched her to a wall. Misuzu went for her aid but she just got up (and even almost slashed Misuzu’s for blocking her way) and continue charging Ira. With an awesome, tricky and sexy (yay, light blue pantsu~) maneuver, she thrust Ira’s head with her blades ~ <3

Noooooooooooo……. My precious Yukiko..!!!!!

Yukiko then jumped to the air but just when she was going to finish him with her Last Blow, another one of the Black Knights impaled poor Yukiko with her whip(?). Not enough with the fatal blow, Ira kicked her motionless body and sent her flying before landing on the ground (*cries*). Takahisa appeared on top of a building nearby and threw his flame on the two Black Knights. The Red Night was about to end so the two Knights had no choice but to retreat.

Holy shi~! Yuka made a ventriloquist scream! Kenshiro and Kogorou Mouri, you guys got a new challenger..

At first..

.. I was like…

..but then…

: )

: D

The Red Night finally disappeared and they all returned to the real world. Yuka then screamed as she saw Yukiko, despite having a wound that most likely would already killed her, stood up, took her glasses out from her pocket, put them on and gave a Moesome smile. They found out that the wound on her abdomen was already healed. Yukiko then explained to them that her personality changes the moment she remove her glasses and the fact that she has an indestructible body since birth, which was also the reason why she had hard time finding friends without getting the “She’s a mutant..” remarks. She was about the continue her story about her tragic origin but Yuka quickly hugged her while the other two told her that they’re fine with that.. (Meh, just a few minutes ago you guys made the “OMFG! A zombie!!” face on her.)

Nice bellybutton <3

Breast gropping; You’re doing it wrong…. in a touching way.. :3

“You bunch of hypocrites..”

A flashback followed after that showing Yukiko first encounter with him where he mentioned that he didn’t even mind Yukiko’s bizarre ability, in fact he felt it as something to be proud and jealous about since she’s kinda invincible and has the ability to revert to her cute look no matter what happen.. :3 Damn, you P@nis Toaster-kun for trying to pull a Xerxes Break act..

Yukiko thanked Takahisa and told him that he’s welcome to join their club anytime he wants.

My Rating: 5 Stars
Simply a great and brilliant episode imo. It’s Yukiko-licious, has a fair amount of nice action, animation was done pretty well (except for Takahisa repeated animation when he threw a fireball on Mini Maras and Yuka’s ventriloquist scream) and it was so interesting and the episode went so fast and I didn’t even noticed that I’ve been watching it for 20 minutes. On the other hand, I don’t hate Takahisa anymore as much as I did before, although I still won’t acknowledge the Yukiko-x-Takahisa pairing (Still better than Echo-x-Vinscum of course). Next episode seemed to be really interesting too; Kakeru finally gets his power… I guess. Either way, needs more Shiori and Kaori (No, I’m not going to wait until they finally animate 11Eyes Crossover).

Impostor Yuka…?

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