Bakemonogatari 13: Nekomimi Hanekawa-sama~

25 Nov

Third pending post (yea, excuse me for slow news day):

So Moe... <3

So basically, this episode is the continuation of episode 11; episode 12, although technically was entitled Tsubasa Cat, had no relation with Hanekawa’s arc. Considering the fact that Hanekawa mentioned about the terrible headache she had the day before that, it’s pretty safe to assume that Senjougahara’s date episode happened nowhere between episode 11 and 13..

She's back.... :3

The face of a child rapist..

Proof that Araragi is indeed a Lolicon

Tonight in Lolidile Hunter; Steve Araragi faced with...

The show’s opened with Arararagi cycling along the road and happened to stumble (*Gasp* She’s back!! X3) Hachikuji from the back. He attempted to raep surprised her (ala child molester) but ended up getting one of his fingers broken by Hachikuji’s devastating jaw and almost got eaten alive. He successfully calmed her down, had a little chit-chat with her and told her that he was on his way to meet Hanekawa. Hachikuji also mentioned that she recently saw Shinobu (Plotholes? I don’t remember Hachikuji getting to know and see Shinobu and had a hot loli sex with her before..) suspiciously wandering around the Doughnut store without Meme’s assistance.

Mararagi then bid Hachikuji farewell and continued his journey only to stumble Senjougahara at the parking lot. Watching Senjougahara talking about her seiyuu made me laugh :3 , too bad she didn’t pull out a Strike Witches reference and started to talk in Lucchini’s voice.. Yep, I still can’t believe that Senjougahara is that 12yo pantsu thief Italian loli..

Basement Cat luv too stalkz on kewt meganekko..

Neither do I...

Araragigi continued his journey again and finally reached the playground and met Hanekawa in her delicious pajamas, completely bra-less :3 As usual, they both went into their off-topic (yet enjoyable) conversation before getting to the main point, where Araragi insisted her to remove her cap. Hanekawa at first refused to but after he stressed out that he owed her his life that he won’t mind their relationship be ruined as long as he could save her from the oddities, she finally did.

Hanekawa removed her cap and all of sudden; my laptop burst out with candy apples, orange sherbets and chocolate chip cookies… Oh well, here’s some delicious Hanekawa-sama’s caps..

Thanks for helping me to keep my promise to keep on hating and despise you since episode 01, ol' man.

Hawt... Not going to thank you, ol' man.

As usual, being clueless on what to do, Ararararagi bought Hanekawa to Meme’s “home” on his bike, at the same time getting the feel of Hanekawa’s TnN (Tits and Nips) pressing on his back.. (Damn lucky bastard..) At the Oshino “residence”, Meme gave a gay and homosexual hit on Hanekawa’s head which caused her to fall in comma to pass out and collapsed on the filthy floor. Meme made an excuse to cover up the fact that he’s gay and hate girls and stated out that he did that to wake the Oddity inside her body up.

Hanekawa’s hair turned white, made an awesome Perfect 10 points somersault and revealed the Evil side of her…

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

The return of Hachikuji and the fact that this is my favourite character’s arc really add a lot more points to this episode (and Huzzah for Nekomimi Meganekko~ Too bad there’s only one shot of that epic part..). Though, there’s one problem that subtracted 0.5 points away from the rating; similar initial plot style from Senjougahara and Kanbaru’s arc were again used; Girl tells a problem –> Some chit-chat –> Brings girl to Meme.. I dunno, maybe it’s just because I personally despise Meme and tired of seeing him or I was expecting Aragi to do something with less help from Meme like Nadeko’s case.. Either way, it’s nevertheless still a nice and awesome episode :3 And yea.., waiting for an HD release now…

Awesome~ A Hanekawa special ED video :3

Wait, that's still Senjougahara.. Where's my Hane...

That's more like it. :3

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