11Eyes: Volume Numbers Are Not For Decoration

24 Nov

Another pending post coming up.. Here’s 11Eyes episode 3 review.

"Volume numbers are not for decoration." -Momono Shiori

Continuing the last scene from the previous episode, Misuzu speculated and informed InstantLovebirds-tachi that so far the red moon they saw won’t really be that much problem (although she did consider it as a bad omen) as long as the red night doesn’t emerge. Kakeru started to feel worried on his disability to protect Yuka so he asked Misuzu to teach him swordsmanship but eventually got refused. Not content with Misuzu’s refusal, Kakeru went to the library during recess session and read some fictional books to find information regarding the other dimension… or (probably) trying to learn some self defense some magic.. Wait whut? If it’s the latter one, I have to put him on the same level as Nobita in term of silliness..

10 bucks that twin braided girl is a meganekko.

Okay, where's my 10 bucks..?

Meanwhile, Yuka waited  in the schoolyard with a box of sandwiches for her beloved (instant) lover who’s too busy learning magic from H.P Lovecraft’s books in order to protect her. All of sudden, the beautiful and sweet saviour Yukipon emerged, destroying the gloominess and brought light to the world. She then generated a high huge amount of MOE voltage that almost made my laptop to explode with rabbits and glass candy by grabbing a piece of Yuka’s sandwich.., AND EAT IT! Too bad that wonderful scene had to be spoilt by Bread Addict Delinquent Kid. And NO, it’s not (just) because he tried to hard to a pull a Vegeta and acted like a jerk, he was even slowly trying to turn Yukipon into a second-hand girl.. Okay, pardon me for making another Second-hand Nagi-sama and Roronoa fuss. Either he’ll turn into someone respectful like Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts) or not, I’ll see about that..

Monkey Kid made a Funny again. Now, class.. (Fake) laugh.

True, just like this adaptation..

Back to the story again, Yukipon told Yuka that she somewhat can feel that Delinquent Kid is a gangster wannabe emo whose stomach could only digest bread and tobacco, and was suffering of something… She then dropped herself on Yuka as if she was about to burst into tears…, but apparently, it appeared to be one of her breast gropping yuri raep scheme..

Yukiko's reaction when you show her your Little Billy..

No thanks.., I don't like Avocado and shrimps :<

...after fingering Yuka...

Yukipon's pantsu: CHECK! Mm, light blue. My fave~

Yukipon really loves Yuka's delicious sandwich.

Back in the library, Kakeru bumped into Shiro and Kaori, along with their unwanted pet monkey. Kaori told him that Shiori had just recently became the school librarian (Goddamn, how I wished my State Library where I go every week has a cute librarian loli like Shiori..) and Monkey Kid tried to be her assistant but ended up doing nothing other than being unconsciously bullied and messed up by Shiori’s Kuudere act. Awesome quotes by Shiori :3

Good job screwing Monkey Kid around, Shiori :3

Starring me fappin' on Yukiko's pics from afar.. Part II

Kakeru went to the schoolyard and started doing some self training. Misuzu felt miserable looking at him swinging the broomstick like an idiot and for not using Chiba Kirino’s tutorial for proper self Kendo training so she finally decided to teach Kakeru swordsmanship.., I guess.


Proof that Yuka is shameless compared to Misuzu (Not that i'm complaining)

Misuzu brought them to her home and explained that she’s an avid sword otaku about her power, the Kusakabe family conflict and the whereabouts of the five swords she wields. While putting Kakeru on a training session in the hall, Misuzu revealed to Yuka outside that she eventually killed her own father in order to gain the possession of the fifth sword and about the “betraying” Kusakabe clan girl.

"You called de Va?"

So Yukipon was right, Yuka put poison (laxative) in her sandwich..

Kakeru rushed out from the training hall telling Misuzu that the sword practice she instructed was a total BS. Again, they suddenly got transferred to the Red Night (I started to like the smashed glass screen effect; feels like a battle encounter in an RPG) and had to face two of the Black Knights. One of the Knights chased Yuka and Kakeru, almost got killed but fortunately saved by Stalking-Spirit-neechan while they’re unconscious. On the other hand, Misuzu fought one by one against the big fat Black Knight and also almost got wiped out, until an unknown saviour out from no where threw one of Misuzu’s sword and pierced through the Knight’s body. Misuzu quickly took this chance and killed him with a stereotypical flash X-slash..

The Leader of BK silently tried to peek underneath Lisette's skirt to see her pedolicious bloomers..

Misuzu's pantsu: CHECK! Oh gawd, I love subliminal pantyshots~

Kakeru woke up from his dream about a medieval knight in a firey battle and found Yuka sitting beside his bed. Misuzu went inside the room and introduced them the person who saved her in the battle before, who’s also their new Moesome ally force… :3

"Puni puni.."


My Rating: 4 stars (Nope, no Shiyuriko-bias now..)

As usual, I’m still not into Kakeru’s character though I should say I like how the production team seemed to slow the pace down now. I expected (in a negative way) that Kakeru would suddenly getting his powers in this episode and instantly becoming a superhuman but thankfully, he didn’t. Instead, they let him failing Misuzu’s training and still unable to kill Mini-Maras properly, let alone fighting a Black Knight. Of course, most people would find him pathetic for being useless in battles but to me, I prefer main characters like this rather than naturally strong guys like (rhymes with) Shon Cocu and Chubura Penshin.. Other than that, Misuzu started to catch my interest in this episode. The Five Kusakabe swords, her conflict with her family, the fact that she killed her own father who’s also against her for following a “traitor” of the clan were really interesting imo :3 Yukipon also started to get her fair amount of screentime and seeing her suspecting Yuka trying to poison her really made my day :3 Shiori, despite still being a MINOR side main character, was being awesome as usual with her bitter kuudere loli act :3

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