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11Eyes: Volume Numbers Are Not For Decoration

Another pending post coming up.. Here’s 11Eyes episode 3 review.

"Volume numbers are not for decoration." -Momono Shiori

Continuing the last scene from the previous episode, Misuzu speculated and informed InstantLovebirds-tachi that so far the red moon they saw won’t really be that much problem (although she did consider it as a bad omen) as long as the red night doesn’t emerge. Kakeru started to feel worried on his disability to protect Yuka so he asked Misuzu to teach him swordsmanship but eventually got refused. Not content with Misuzu’s refusal, Kakeru went to the library during recess session and read some fictional books to find information regarding the other dimension… or (probably) trying to learn some self defense some magic.. Wait whut? If it’s the latter one, I have to put him on the same level as Nobita in term of silliness..

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