11Eyes 02: Crystal Gothloli and Frilly Yukipon <3

17 Nov

"Call me Yukiporn!... I mean, YUKIPON~"

By the way, this post (and the others followed) are actually meant to be posted a few days ago. I recently went away from home to work on a class project, I just pre-wrote these posts down in a Notepad since I couldn’t go online and update my blog. I’m away from the internet hence unable to check on Sankaku Complex (T_T), play Emil Chronicle, digging new delicious loli and Esfeulle goodies in the net and watch this week’s TNA iMPACT!.. Though, I was able to finally watch some of the stuffs in my pending list including TNA Victory Road 09, Railgun and some Bakemonagatari.. So here comes, 11Eyes episode 2 review;

Misuzu demands an explanation for this rushed up bull sh#t!!

The series continued with Instant Lovebirds couple trying to fight Mini Mara(s) and apparently got saved by Sword Miko chick from episode one; who threw a katana that generated some super thundershock (albeit not as awesome as Mikoto’s) and fried all the Mara(s). She then introduced herself as Kusakabe Misuzu and told them the whereabouts of the dimension they entered (which Yuka self-claimed as “Red Night) including the fact and possibilities that both Kakeru and Yuka also had special hidden powers inside them. Suspecting that the Red Night was caused by the crystal towers nearby, they decided to run to that place and check it out. Right after that, they encountered one of the Black Knights (sorry, dunno what her name was) though they managed to escape, thanks to Misuzu’s flashbang tech..

Cute Gothloli in crystal is Cute. Now take that, Cattleya!

They finally reached to their destination and stumbled a Super Cute Sexy Awesome Gorgeous Moesome gothloli named Lisette trapped in a crystal.. What I don’t really get here is how Misuzu turned extremely skeptical towards Lisette when it was she herself who found out about her during the ritual back in episode 1. Of course I’m not saying that she should just go “OMG! You’re so cute! Imma taking you home!!” but seriously, that scene somewhat make me feels like the producer actually forgot that wasn’t Misuzu’s first “encounter” with Lisette, I’d actually understand it more if it was Kakeru but since he’s your gentlemen hero that’s certainly a no-no.

(edit: correct me if I’m wrong, the sub i’m watching was probably messed up and I had some hard time understanding what was happening here)

So cute.. perfectly fulfills three of my top fetish..

OMFG! You moved!! How in the red hell can you move your head when your whole body is 100% immobilized in that crystal!!?

All of sudden the whole Black Knights appeared and tried to wipe them out. Fortunately and miraculously, they got transferred back into the real world safely without a scratch. They then went to grab a bite on some 200yen hamburgers and 280yen softdrinks and had a chit chat about the Red Night and Super Powers.. Misuzu felt a little suspicious on Kakeru’s eyepatch and asked him to remove it, only to find that his right eye was covered with disgusting eye boogers yellow instead of blue. (Meh, still not as grotesquely awesome as Itchan’s) She told him that his right eye is possibly where his power is hidden. Yuka also speculated that she might also possess a power of her own.. That made me smile nevertheless since my mind quickly flashed with the image of Yuka launching devastating fish missiles out of Etoppen Penzo-san’s mouth.

Who is that Pokemon!?

It's Shiori-chan!!!

On their way home, they stumbled Monkey Kid and Shimapan Kaori-chan. Of course Monkey Kid tried to pull out his daily shenanigans and as usual got owned by our show stopper Kaori-chan two times. Kakeru eventually got freaked out when she saw a slight apparition of his sister; which actually was just Shiori getting lost from Kaori’s escort of showing her the outskirts of the city as a result of following a cat.

Monkey Kid made a Funny. Now laugh. "Haa.. ha.. hahaa... ha.. haa.."

Aww, how cute. Guess you're also one of my favourite characters who has a thing on cats, eh :3

Yes.. It's the Killer Stare of Moe..

On their way back home (again), Kakeru decided to drop by his master‘s place where he worked to inform that he’s going to be off that night and apparently met the Super Cute Sexy Awesome Gorgeous Moesome meganekko meido waitress Yukiko, aka. Yukiporn Yukipon, who’s the new employee of the cafe. I’m really glad that aside Shiori and Kaori, a character who doesn’t answer Question A with Answer A, Question B with Answer B and so on, finally appeared. I may sound bias but Yukiko really made my day; I simply love her genki-ness (despite I’m usually not really into hyperactive characters with exceptions of Misao from Lucky Star and Tsuruya-san) and how she prefers to simply avoid dull formal social dialogues including giving nicknames like “Kacchan” to Kakeru. *Crosses fingers that she’ll give gray haired delinquent guy the nickname “Douche” or “Scum”..*

"Welcome home, Heterodox Gosujin-sama!"

Wait, so all this time she's been unconsciously running around, eating burgers, talking to Lisette, encountering the Black Knights, meeting Shiori and Shimapan-chan, and sipping on Yukipon's special coffee with a torn and exposed skirt? Thank you Mara #425 err.. whatever your ID was..

The day after that, Kakeru went to the library to find some books that might help him to understand the Red Night incident and eventually saw that STALKING “spirit” of her late sister. He then found a drawing block left as note on the floor telling him that he was the one who awoke the Demon.. or something like that. Not enough with that, they both looked up on the sky and found that the moon has turned dark red.

Btw, just like I mentioned in my last 11Eyes post, I’m going to talk a little about the ED. Song is “Sequentia” by Asriel. I’m not going to talk about animation quality here since the video is mainly made out with still shots and artworks of the characters. Seriously gotta love that maid image of Yuka, Misuzu and Stalker Spirit Oneechan in Cyberiada (the cafe Kakeru worked in) maid/waitress uniform :3 Still can’t beat Yukipon in my book though.. The song without any doubt goes to my favourite Anime OST list although I can see people who had hard time getting used to Ali Project songs MIGHT not like this one. I dunno why but somehow I can sense that this song, along with the Cyberiada waitress image have the Traumatic Tragedy Moe feeling in it.. *shudders*

There's something that makes me dislike this pic. Despite it has both my Shiyuriko in it, I don't know but seeing how the other five four characters except Kaa-chan and Yuka images are blurred off in the smaller framed picture, it feels like this shot somewhat is telling the viewers that this show is going to end the Ayashi No Ceres way; all (if not most) of the OTHER main/side characters are going to die leaving only the Two Lovebirds survived and live happily ever after in the end. I'm trying to think positive and just believe that it just indicates a symbolical meaning of five four strangers coming to Kakeru and Yuka's life and apparently change them...


My Rating:
4 stars (Actually it’s 3.5, blame my Yukipon fandomism : P )

Although things are still seemed to be rushed up imo, I have to say that the pacing is a little bit stable in this episode. Kakeru’s straight-foward “I’m going to protect you,Yuka” guts still annoy me for certain reasons as well as how I can’t help thinking Yuka as Sting everytime she uttered “Kakeru” over and over again.. Still, i’m giving her some credits for being brave enough to walk around the city with that torn skirt and her nice pink pantsu showing around.

Anyway and finally, have a wonderful gif of Yukipon.
(Click to download)


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3 responses to “11Eyes 02: Crystal Gothloli and Frilly Yukipon <3

  1. Hiyorin Fan

    November 18, 2009 at 10:32 am

    I’m rather pleased with the amount of screentime Yukiko’s gotten so far…of course, I’m sure that won’t last forever. The lack of Shiori is seriously annoying though.

    Speaking of 11eyes, the Visual Novel is one of the candidates mentioned here:

    • heterodoxlymade

      November 19, 2009 at 3:06 am

      Cooly~ :3

      My votes go to 11Eyes (of course), Flyable Hearts and Fortune Arterial.. Seeing “My Girlfriend Is A President” and other well known games there simply made it pretty absurd for those three games i voted to win, though :<

      • Hiyorin Fan

        November 20, 2009 at 3:59 am

        Well, looks like 11 Eyes made it past the prelims. That’s something at least.^^


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