Cute pussy.. i mean Catty.

10 Nov

I’ve just recently started playing Emil Chronicle lately. The game is sorta hard for me (probably because i rarely play MMORPG) but at least it’s not as absurd and far better in term of quality and gameplay compared to Wonderland Online; which was the second MMORPG that I played and it truly sucked, not to mention the fact those beautiful CGs are too good to be original .. (Credits to Sankaku Complex) I still like Erin and Niss though…

Anyway…, yep, I know this is something old and I’m pretty sure it’s a Nooby act to exaggerate this.. but I’ve  just received/caught my first ECO special pet Catty/Nekomata last night :3

This is the first time I saw a stray cat found inside something that's not a Mikan (orange) box..

"Meow" (?)

Try switching the word "Catty" with "Pussy"..

Referring from the walkthrough, the Quest to get her seems to sound pretty absurd and ridiculously doesn’t make sense; you need to “talk” to a trash can and select Cancel for a number of times, teleport here and there, use and synthesized several kind of items and so on.. But well, when i played the game myself, I can really see that it really made sense; it’s all about some kind of a cat spirit possessing you and you have to ask the angels and a fairy or whatever to exorcise it, only to end up becoming your pet.. It’s still optional either you want to accept it or not, though.

Peeking Tita's angelic panties....

"There, above you..!!"

My pet is so not photogenic..

Not trying to be weabie but I prefer the name “Nekomata Momo” then “Catty Apple” since the original name; Momo (peach) made enough sense due to the colour of her clothes and hair.. and the name Catty keep on reminds me of a certain type of 3D woman…

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