TNA 11/06/09

08 Nov

So yea, this is the first weekly TNA brief review post in my blog.

I missed WWE RAW this week and I’m kinda too lazy to download it so pardon me for not blogging it this week (although I probably won’t if it’s just an episode full of DX, Legacy, Cena and Orton shenanigans), not to mention my HDD is already running out of space.

So TNA 11/6 this week’s opened with President Dixie giving a speech to the TNA rosters and staffs about Hogan joining TNA. I really like how TNA doesn’t seem to really care about breaking kayfabe and showing it live on TV. One of other examples is the Spincycle (Is it me or they don’t make anymore Spincycle segments in their Youtube channel?) where wrestlers are pretty much free to break their character out and simply just chat like usual friends. Not really saying that the “other” company doesn’t do something like this, btw.. To be honest, during this segment, I was kinda nervous when Dixie asked the roster if any of them were against this move or something like that. It somewhat reminds me of that time after Turning Point 2007 where Senshi asked and got his release from TNA. Somehow, I also had a thought that Rhyno’s going to interrupt this segment to further his storyline.. ^^”

That shirt is so going to be on my Must Buy list..

Mi, Mi, Mirakuru, Miku.. Oh wait, that's not a star shaped mole, right..?

Guess WHY I snapped and post these series of caps here..

It then followed by a promo segment from Styles, Daniels and finally Joe butted in which resulted in a Styles vs Daniels w/ Spec.ref Joe match that night. AJ really did improved his mic skills a little bit and at least has able to control himself from repeating the same line over and over again… well, too bad (nope, that’s not a complain) Daniels and Joe’s mic skills clearly outshined his.

"My name's Cody Deaner; former Knockout Champ and I'm gonna get beaten in just 2 seconds."

Are those sunglasses supposed to be intentionally unsymmetrical?

The matches this week were mostly short imo especially Desmond Wolfe vs Cody Jobber/Jobby Deaner (SERIOUSLY~!) followed by Lashley vs Homicide and then Taylor Wilde vs Madison Rayne. I could excuse those a little bit since the two latter ones were basically to build up the matches in Turning Point; nice way using Lashley vs Homicide to build up the rivalries between Homicide-Red, and Scott-Bob. One thing that i’m not really happy about is that they seemed to mess up the upcoming Homicide vs Suicide feud or Suicide’s revealing angle. It actually started a week before BFG but right in that PPV, despite the match was damn awesome, both of the guys fought as USUAL as if nothing serious actually happened between them that time. At first I thought they decided to drop that one. Kinda disappointed since I was looking forward to see Kaz’s return or something new about Suicide..

Joe's ref shirt looks shooped...


"With my Super Psychic powers, i was able to fix my broken arm in just 2 weeks!"

Back to this week’s TNA again, Tara vs Hamada was decent imo, though I really hope that they’ll properly use Hamada next time; the Hamada vs Flash short feud had a bright chance to be a good one but unfortunately they just ended it in an iMPACT! episode (that match was damn SWEET nevertheless). I lol’ed when Tazz got spontaneously creeped out thinking that Hamada was wearing the World Elite sweat pants.. Speaking of World Elite, was Rob Terry showing some turn face sign? I’m not really looking forward for that unless he started to wrestle like Morgan.. Nice job getting The Guns a little involved in the end.

The Strong Arm Alchemist vs The Flame Alchemist..

No comment on the Foley and Abyss segment except that I also want a copy of that Giftarooney(sp) :3

I exactly don’t want Dr. Stevie to leave TNA; he’s a good heel imo but I got to agree that the Abyss vs Stevie feud really need to end now. And let’s hope that Daffney’s going to get a huge push after that..

....according to Michelle McCool..

"What a rip-off!!" -WWE Fanboy

It appeared that the mystery attacker was slightly solved; it wasn’t Daniels since.. he had an alibi.. (lol) Even the grunting voice made him sound a lot more familiar this time (Hmm.. I wonder who’s that GUY..). The security in that scene was seriously a bad timing actor btw. Styles vs Daniels was my top favourite match in this episode (love the in-ring psychology by both of them and how Styles finished Daniels the same way he did on Unbreakable 2005); great actions and ending. The second one should be Team 3D vs Morgan and Hernandez. It wasn’t as entertaining as last week’s though the ending was nicely pulled out. GJ to Rhyno for playing his heel role well; I know a heel is a great heel when I found myself feeling the heat despite being aware that he’s just doing his job.

My rating; 3 1/2 stars

More promos then matches this week though I admit that I still enjoy them both. The Desmond Wolfe part was my least favourite since it was extremely too short, kinda pointless and reminds me of Umaga/Kozlov doing some random squash plays..

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