11Eyes Episode 01

08 Nov

First of all, I need to ask an apology to Pandora Hearts for not blogging them; since I initially planned to blog that underrated show if i ever happened to finally start a blog. Forgive me for the sins that I have done, Sharon Onee-sama.

So yea, I’ve just recently started watching 11Eyes along with Railgun, Seitokai and Asatte No Houkou and Bakemonogatari (patiently waits for my dearly Hanekawa’s arc). Again, i need to ask millions of apology to Shiori for only realizing that this show has already been airing for like 3-4 weeks. I’ve been always looking forward to play the game (after noticing that it has a couple of super cute light hair + red eyes combo and delicious meganekko lolis).

An anime adaptation of a visual novel are said  to often, if not always, ended up as a mess, with the exception of KyoAni adaptations of Key games (not overestimating KyoAni here). In that case, i’m not really putting high hopes that this show will be a huge hit despite the fact that the game is popular and well received unless it’s able to pull out a miraculous hidden beauty of underattedness like how Bamboo Blade did.

The show started with some tragic shota-hood flashback of the main character’s ala Fullmetal Alchemist, Rental Magica, etc. (Surely, I hope they won’t keep on repeating this flashback over and over again like Rental Magica). I’m still kinda confused though since the synopsis mentioned that his sister commited suicide while this scene somewhat looked like she actually tried to kill both of them.

Fight mode Yukiko looks adorably badass.. :3

Gothloli in a crystal? This is relevant to my fetish..

OP song is “Arrival of Tears” by Ayane. I was expecting that it would be Lunatic Tears but i have to admit that the OP, both the song and the video are really well made and Awesome; i really love it. Possibly i’m going to rank it as one of my top favourite 2009 anime OP/ED songs aside Bakemonogatari’s Kimi Wo Shiranai and Pandora Heart’s Maze.

Honestly, i fapped/ stared at this cap for hours

Huzzah for the first pantyshot of the show. *Pinch*

You're purposely showing them.., aren't you..?

Starring at me masturbatin' on Yukiko's pics from afar..

After the OP, the show introduced us to a red haired miko chick doing some ritual and apparently a cute gothloli image appeared in the flame. The scene then switched to the main guy doing some “I’m not emo, I’m just melancholically stared at the sky in a cool manner” act. Few minutes of the first episode and here came the very first pantyshot of the show. Huzzah! for nice pink pantsu on a set of nice assets. After having some short personal chit-chat they went down only to stumble some background characters from their class. Screw the fact that Yuka’s already giving me the feel of a generic helpless heroine, one of the anime stereotype character that i hate most (aside gay bishie scums) is some monkey looking comic relief dude (nope, i like Tawanori Akagi and he doesn’t count in) and that includes those two guys from Seto No Hanayome and Ueki No Hosouku and now this new monkey guy. Seriously, I hardly found them funny either as some comedic icon or as some perverted bastard. Good thing Kaori came to save the day away from his shenanigans.

Shimapan-chan saved the day.

Shimapan-chan asked Yuka to go to Ayana’s but since Kakeru was trying hard to act like an anti social cool dude, she had to decline and left Shimapan-chan alone with that bastard ape. Only a FEW minutes after that, Kakeru changed his mind and decided to tag along with Yuka to Ayana’s where suddenly, someone casted a Fuzetsu they were transferred to a different dimension for a few minutes. After watching this part I sorta notice that they actually rushed up the storyline and tried hard to stick lots of happenings in just a few minutes.

"No thanks, I hate crowds... Wow,nice panties.., okay i'll go."

Yukapinkpan evaluation session has expired. Please buy the BluRay now.

This is a genuine unedited cap, I SWEAR!

"No, I'm not holding a foreign translated A Certain Magical Index.."

The next day we get to see the introduction of three two more new characters; cute Meganeloli-chan, and Kuudereloli-chan who appeared as the new transfer student named Momono Shiori in Kakeru and Yuka’s class. Huzzah for Shiori owning (credits to Kaori too) by telling Ape Boy that her heart belongs to me alone he’s not her type; good move, gal! :3

The MOEsome-est stare that can kill you in just a few seconds..

"The Shimapan's gonna take your MONKEY ASS down to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive and check you in to the Smackdown Hotel!"

Due to the incredible dosage of Shiori’s Moe Stare Effect, Yuka collapsed (Nagisa, is that you?) and Kakeru had to carry her to the nurse where he met that gray haired jerk and your big breasts nurse. Too be honest, although she’s the kind of character archtype that i like least, i have to admit that she’s pretty cute; good thing she have that sweet youthful babyface instead some 60yo baa-san’s…

Not even Yuka' pink pantsu can distract me away from seeing Asshole-ness, dude.

Helloooooooooooooooooooo, NURSE!

Later on, Kakeru decided to continue their date to Ayana’s and had some lovey dovey moment where Yuka offered, or better said pestered Kakeru to lie on her pink pantsu buttcheeks lap (Gawd, talk about Instant Lovebirds!). Little did they know they were stalked by some mysterious girl covered with black aura and Shiori and later on, transferred again to the other dimension where they encounter the same Mara-like creatures.

OMFG! Mara, is that you..?

Even the Mara-like creatures have a thing on Yukapinkpan.

Getting a little tired now, so I’ll talk about the ED later when i blogged Episode 2.

As a closing thought, I have to admit that I can see why this show is one of the lowly rated anime for this season; one thing that is so vivid is, like I said before, a lot of stuffs are rushed up and stacked into a 20+ minutes one episode… though I can’t really blame them on that one since they only have 12 episodes to cover up as much storyline from the game as possible. The two main characters are also… kinda dull (yea, good thing Yuka’s pink pantsu saved her a lil’ bit) imo; they turned into two lovebirds in just one episode and not to mention Kakeru’s line “I’m going to protect you, Yuka..” sorta creeped me out.. Well, animations still look lovely and neatly done to me and my dearly Shiori and Yukiko really caught my interest to keep on watching this show..

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